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Discovery Day for Yr5 at Fairfield High School

“At the discovery day we did science and art.  I loved the art is was really fun doing all of the printing using lino, jelly plates and of course, paper.  In science we cut eyes of sheep and fish (aarrrgghh)” Effie


“ The best part of science was because we got to look at a fish eyeball and a sheep eyeball and Mrs Harold cut open the eyes, black goo came out of it and we saw the lens.  The best part of art was making prints and I made a butterfly.  We also did jelly painting.”  Lauren


  1. I loved the lino printing the best.
  2. I liked learning about how animals see differently to humans.
  3. I like seeing the animals.
  4. I enjoyed the jelly plate art.
  5. I liked the building”.  Jude


“It was an outstanding day at Fairfield High School’s Discovery Day.  We learning all about the eye and different printing techniques.  My favourite bit of science (in the science laboratory) was probably when Miss Harold cut open real fish and sheep eyes so that we could look at all the parts.  My favourite bit from art (in the art room) was when we printed jelly plates because, one, the finished product looked amazing and, two, it was really satisfying rolling the roller over the paint on the jelly plate”  Anthony