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Assemblies and concerts

Class 6 assembly

On Thursday 6th February Class 6 performed an array of fantastic songs they sang at this year's Young Voice concert in Birmingham NEC. The children sang beautifully and seemed to really enjoy themselves.  They got us all tapping our feet and singing along.  It was brilliant.  Well done Class 6, Mrs Gething and Mrs Chesworth.

Christmas Carol Concert

The children of Class 6 were responsible for leading our Carol Service in St Michael’s Church on Thursday 19th December. They told us the story behind Christmas and narrated throughout.

The Carol Service also included songs from the Reception and Class 2 Christmas plays, with a funny poem and song from Class 4..

Mrs Ashmead and Mrs Prowse taught the children many different Christmas Carols and songs that were inserted between the readings to make our Carol Service special. The choir sang beautifully and despite the weather it was a lovely afternoon in the church. Great job everyone.

Class 2 - A Midwife Crisis

Class 2 took a modern take on the nativity story in the form of 'A Midwife Crisis!' The midwife is rushing to get to Bethlehem with her trusty donkey to assist with the birth of God's son, but she has difficulty finding him.  They meet lots of people on their journey who they ask for help.  

There was lots of humour as well as the traditional tale of Christmas.  The children were superb.  Their singing, dancing and acting was wonderful to watch and the children all worked really hard.  Great job class 2.

Year R and 6 - Miracle in Town

Year  R and 6 joined forces to perform their fantastic nativity called 'Miracle in town.' The acting and narrators were super and the singing was amazing.  They all did a brilliant job learning all their lines and the songs.  They all did a fantastic job and it was wonderful to watch.

Achievement Assemblies

Every Friday we have a celebration assembly where we celebrate children’s achievements, both in and out of school, in many different areas.

Each week the class teacher selects a child to be presented with the ‘Superstar Writer,’ 'Handwriting,' 'Star of the week' and 'Maths Magician' award.





We also have awards from the lunch time staff, attendance awards, best line awards, best dressed, value award, Lexia reading awards and individual star chart achievements as well as celebrating sporting events.This is also an opportunity to celebrate childrens’ birthdays’ as a school. At the end of year leavers' celebration assembly, special trophies and awards are given to our year 6 pupils.






It’s really exciting hearing about the good things people have done. 

– Ava H, Year 6