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MacMillan Coffee morning

Mrs Gething and Class 6 organised a Macmillan Coffee Morning on Friday 30th September to raise money for the Macmillan charity that helps people with cancer. It was a wonderful turn out and great to see so many parents/carers and other members of the community there. A huge amount of cakes were donated and we raised £313.11, which is a fantastic amount. Thank you to all those who attended, donated money and cakes and especially to Mrs Gething and Class 6 for organising this hugely successful event.



Great support from parents, fantastic.

Miss Wallace - Head of School

The service was attentive and polite.  It's amazing to see all the lovely cake. I think the children did an amazing job.

 Mrs Jones - School Governor

It was very successful.  Lots of people came so we raised more money.

Zara - class 6

Grandparent's Day

On Friday 30th September Reception class welcomed their Grandparents to visit them in their classroom. It was an opportunity for Grandparents to see the classroom environment, browse through their Learning Journeys and experience their daily routines and activities. Lots of Grandparents attended and it was a chance for them also to see all the hard work their grandchildren have produced. Mrs Colwell and Reception baked some special cakes and shared them with their relatives. It was a lovely afternoon.





So lovely to find out what the children do and how they learn.

Hettie's Grandad - Reception

What a lovely atmosphere at the school, so friendly and welcoming.

Zoe's Grandma - Reception

What a lovely idea and thank you for inviting me.

Leo's Grandma - Reception

Harvest festival

On Thursday 20th October we held our annual Harvest Festival at the Church.  The children were all fantastic.  They sang and performed brilliantly.  We were treated to a lovely story about the Leafman, as well as the song of the Enormous Turnip and the Dingle Dangle Scarecrow.  Not forgetting the super Harvest Rap.  It was great to see so many adults attend and thank you to everyone who donated Harvest produce.  This will be given to the local food bank, as well as some being taken to the elderly at Dulas Court by School Council, after half term.




Pumpkin Competition

We held our annual pumpkin competition in school on Friday 21st October, judged by School Council.  We had some fantastic entries from all age groups.  These will be on display at tonight's PTFA Halloween disco.


R - Sophie

1 - Arran

2 - Beau

3 - Harry M

4 - Ollie

5 - Lily P

6 - Ioana






Children in Need

On Friday 18th November the school took part in the annual Children in Need charity fundraiser.  We all dressed up and wore something spotty, as well as donating £1 to the worthwhile cause.  We also had a cake sale, guess the name of the teddy (won by Lucy M - year 5) and guess the amount of sweets in the jar (won by Miss Gittings). The school raised a whopping £267.70!!! Well done everyone and thank you to all those who donated cakes and money.



It was amazing.  We got to wear spotacular spots and raise money for Children in Need.

Otto J - year 5

It was deliciously cakey whilst raising money for Children in Need.

Lily P - year 5

The Small Glories 

On Friday 18th November we were lucky enough to be visited by the famous Canadian band, The Small Glories. They performed some of their amazing songs, accompanied by various instruments and we sang and danced along.  Big thank you to Mr and Mrs Slough for organising this and to Probus for their generous donation, which allows us to have such fantastic bands at our school. If you would like to see more of The Small Glories, please click on this link www.thesmallglories.com



They were a good band. I liked dancing to their music.

Ted S - Reception

I liked dancing with Zoe to the music.  I liked the guitar.

Hettie C - Reception

Christmas at the Abbey

Last Half Term the School had an email from a lady called Mrs Wilcocks who was hoping to create a magical display of Christmas trees at Dore Abbey. Mrs Gething volunteered us to create one! We bought a blue artificial tree and some blue lights from the internet and we thought about how we would decorate it. Since our School logo is the sheep and golden crown we decided to make decorations of sheep and crowns. Mrs Gething also had another email from Mrs Sugden who represents the Children’s Society and also wanted our help to decorate their tree. So we all coloured small boys and girls that were connected together to make paper chains of children to decorate that tree. We had a ‘Crafty Afternoon’ in the Hall and every class created different types of decorations. Our tree looks amazing. If you get the chance to get to the Abbey over the Christmas holidays, why not go along and see the incredible festive display.



I went with my mum to look at all the trees in the Abbey.  I thought they were spectacular.  Ours was really good.  The blue tree and lights stood out and we used our school logo to design decorations.

Zara - year 6

 The trees were lovely.  Ours was great because it was different. The blue stood out.  Our decorations represented our school badge.

Ellie C's mum - year 6

 Panto - Aladdin

This year the whole school went to see the pantomime Aladdin at the Courtyard Theatre in Hereford.  It was fantastic.  It was funny, scary, magical and exciting.  The children had a great time.  Our very own Otto J in year 5 is a cast member and plays various roles such as a baby yeti, villager and genie assistant.


It was funny.  I liked the baddy Abonaza because he made me laugh.

Arran - year 1

 The panto was good.  The children enjoyed it, the kids were laughing. It was a great production.

Lana and Beau's mum - year R and 2


Reception Nativity play

Reception class performed a fantastic nativity in St Michael's Church this year.  Some year 6 children narrated the Christmas story of the birth of Jesus whilst the Reception children acted out the story with lines and an array of super songs. 


I was an angel. I liked singing the songs and seeing mummy and daddy's big smile.

Pixie - year R

 It was brilliant. The improvised dancing was good. The songs were lovely and all the children were singing.

Jayden's mum - year R


The Magical Christmas Box - Class 2

This Christmas years 1 and 2 performed the play The Magical Christmas Box, which tells us about the true meaning of Christmas, as well as taking us on a journey to look at a variety of Christmas traditions.

The children worked really hard to learn all their lines and practise a variety of songs.  The children were all super and made Miss Wallace and Mrs Chance very proud.



I liked singing the snowman song.  I liked performing on stage and wearing my Snowman costume.

Jemima - year 2

I loved it.  The kids were amazing.  The lead roles were strong and the crackers were hilarious. There were lots of lines for the children to learn, which they did. 

 Tia's mum - year 2

Christmas Carol Concert

The children of Class 6 were responsible for leading our Carol Service in St Michael’s Church on Thursday 15th December. Mrs Gething asked the children what Christmas meant to them and in pairs, they researched some of the most popular symbols of Christmas, from turkey to trees and tinsel.

The Carol Service also included songs from the Reception and Class 2 Christmas plays, as well as some super reindeer poems and songs from Class 4.

Mrs Ashmead and Mrs Prowse taught the children many different Christmas Carols and songs that were put between the readings to make our Carol Service special. Then Class 6 decided to start it all with the song ‘What Christmas Means to Me’ and rounded it all off with one of their favourite songs, ‘Love Shine a Light’ that matched with the final piece about Candles, and the part they play in our Christmas celebrations. Singing by candlelight in the dark Church was very atmospheric and many of the parents said it was a lovely way to close our Carol Service.


I liked the year R song. The ending was good when class 6 sang and waved candles.

Olivia - year 4

 It was nice. The children told us lots about Christmas. It was nice to see everyone performing, little ones and big ones.

 Ioana's mum - year 6

School's out for Christmas!

On the last Friday of the Christmas term we had a very exciting and fun packed day.  We were visited in the morning by someone very special......Father Christmas.  He had heard from his elves that all the children in Ewyas Harold School had been super behaved this year, so he decided to give each child an early Christmas present. 

This was followed by our annual Christmas lunch buffet with children wearing their Christmas hats they had made. And to finish off the afternoon we had a super Christmas disco with lots of dancing, games AND a snow machine!




It was nice of Santa to come. The presents were cool.

Heath - year R

The lunch was good. I liked pulling the crackers.  My favourite food was the sausages.

Harry B - year 3

The party was really cool. It was fun when we got to put snow on the teacher's head and we got loads of sweets.

Lucy - year 5

Dog's Trust

We were visited today by two ladies from the Dog's Trust (Thursday 27th January).  They came to undertake different workshops with various classes.  Class 2 learned about the job of the Dog's Trust linked to English, class 4 learned about the job of the Dog's Trust linked to Maths and class 6 investigated the evolution of dogs. They will be delivering other workshops over the next few months including ‘a day in the life’, rights and responsibilities, a dog’s needs and dog safety. The children enjoyed themselves and learned a lot.



It was good to learn about the different breeds of dog and what they were bred for.

Jack K - year 6

It was good to learn about how to keep dogs safe.

Oskar P - year 4

Mrs H and the Singalong Band

Today (Thursday 27th January) we had the honour of having a visit from Mrs H and the Singalong Band.  They sang lots of upbeat songs and played a variety of instruments.  The children also participated by joining in with different songs as well as dancing.  They were brilliant.  Huge thank you to Mr and Mrs Slough for organising this.

If you want to learn more please visit www.singalongsongs.co.uk



It was great fun and lovely to see the kids all happy and enjoying with such enthusiasm.

Daisy B's mum (and parent governor) - year 4

Fantastic and essential music for children.

 Heath (year R) and Grace P's (year 1) mum

I loved the band they were amazing.  I loved singing and dancing to the songs.

Lily P - year 5

It was good.  It was nice and jolly.

Lewis West - year 5

Local Author - David Vaughan

On Monday 27th February local author and historian David Vaughan came to visit class 2.  He talked to them about the local geography and history of the area.  He also showed them lots of pictures and photographs. The children really enjoyed listening to a real historian.


I thought he was amazing. He had some amazing pictures.

Ruby L - year 2

World Book day - Thursday 2nd March 2016

Today the whole school took part in celebrating World Book Day.  We dressed up as our favourite book characters and brought in some of our favourite books.  The children shared their books with the other children and the classes undertook reading and book activities. We also  asked children to take a photograph of them reading a book in a strange place, either real or photoshopped.  The children brought in some excellent photographs.  Pixie in class R was reading a book in a dinosaur's mouth and Beau in class 2 was hanging upside down from the ceiling reading a book! All the photographs will be on display in our school library so please come and have a look.

Can you guess who these characters are?




Comic relief - Red Nose Day - Friday 24th March

The whole school took part in celebrating Comic Relief on Friday 24th March. We dressed up in something red and many of us wore red noses. The children also held a cake sale and a talent show. We had lots of fun and raised £211.17.

 I thought  it was good because we got cake.  I liked dressing up in red.

Oskar P - year 4

I liked dressing up and we raise money for charity too.


Ollie L - year 4

The Body Coach workout - Tuesday 28th March

On Tuesday 28th March the whole school took part in the live Body Coach workout with Joe Wicks. We undertook a series of exercise routines and repeated them three times. The children had lots of fun star jumping, squatting, kangaroo jumps, mountain climbing and lunging.  We hope the Body Coach runs another live session soon.  Staff and pupils thoroughly enjoyed the morning workout.


Victorian Day - Monday 3rd April

Class 6 had a Victorian day where all the children dressed up as Victorian children and the adults wore costumes too. They had a very busy day in the life of Victorian boys and girls. They completed some maths sums on slates, tasted Victorian foods such as gruel, broth and stale bread, wrote using fountain nibs, recited poetry and times tables, undertook sewing to make cushions and participated in ‘drill,’ the Victorian version of PE. The boys also practised their carpentry skills and the ladies took ‘deportment’ lessons on how to be a lady. They had a great day.




It was a really fun day.  We tried gruel and broth.  I enjoyed the sewing and making a cushion. I don't think I would have liked living in the Victorian times.

Chloe F - year 5

It was a really big success. I enjoyed the sewing and deportment.  I learned that it was very hard living in the Victorian times.

Ellie B - year 5

Cross Country

On the afternoon of Friday 5th May, the whole school took part in our annual cross country at Ewyas Harold playing fields.  It was a mild day and lots of parents came to show their support. All the children participated with class R and 2 running one lap, class 4 running two laps and class 6 running an amazing three laps! We were very proud of the children not only for their determination, positive attitudes and good behaviour, but also proud of their sportsmanship and support of the other children. 

This was followed by the PTFA duck race where 1000 ducks floated down the stream from the playing fields to the bridge by the Post Office. This was to raise more money for the school.  All the tickets were sold and the children enjoyed watching. Well done all!


Year 6 boys: 1st - Xander, 2nd - Lenny, 3rd - Jack KS

 Year 6 girls: 1st - Zara, 2nd - joint - Ellie C, Ioana, Alice


Year 5 boys: 1st - Archie, 2nd - Alex, 3rd - Otto

Year 5 girls: 1st - Scarlett, 2nd - Ellie B, 3rd - joint - Lily P and Alison


Year 4 boys: 1st - Sam J, 2nd  - Aaron P, 3rd - Josh

Year 4 girls: 1st - Jess, 2nd - Lucy E, 3rd - Daisy C


Year 3 boys: 1st - Harry B, 2nd - Sam Sl, 3rd - Harry M

Year 3 girls: 1st - Lily T, 2nd - Ruby J, 3rd - Ava


Year 2 boys: 1st - Noah, 2nd - Beau, 3rd Louis

Year 2 girls: 1st - Layla, 2nd - Alisha, 3rd - Maisie B


Year 1 boys: 1st - Dylan, 2nd - Yousuf, 3rd - James

Year 1 girls: 1st - Grace L, 2nd - Maisie F, 3rd -  Nicole


Reception boys: 1st - Logan, 2nd - Ted, 3rd - Huw

Reception girls: 1st - Ava, 2nd - Sophie, 3rd - Evie W




Ewyas Harold Festival of Art

Community spirit shone at Ewyas Harold's first ever Arts Festival between 27th and 29th May.  It was a huge success attracting hundreds of people across the three days.Running over the Bank Holiday weekend live music, demonstrations, children's story telling and displays took place in different locations across the village. Venues also displayed a range of art forms for sale from local artists. Gill Jinman, Chairman of the Festival of Arts, came up with the event as a way of showcasing local talent after previously holding art exhibitions at The Temple Bar Inn.

"It was an absolutely fantastic event and the idea worked really well," said Mrs Jinman.

"The whole idea of the festival was to showcase local talent and everybody involved was from the village or had a link to the village in some way. It's amazing how many artists there are and there is an extraordinary amount of creative people in the area.

"The atmosphere was fabulous and people helped and joined together so it was a real community event."

Mrs Jinman hopes that the event can now be ran every two or three years.

What started with the school running their own scarecrow competition ended in 35 scarecrows appearing in the village with shops and businesses also getting involved.





 Kings and Queen's Day

On Friday 9th June, class 2 held a Kings and Queen's day to celebrate the end of their topic.  The children came to school dressed as royalty or jobs related to the monarchy, such as a knight.  During the day the children made crowns and flags, read stories, took elocution lessons, had a tea party, learned about the different monarchs, played croquette, ring toss and pin the tail on the corgi.  They also learned a song about the different Kings and Queens and performed it to parents.  The children had a great day and all looked fantastic.



It was fun because we got to play lots of games.  I liked playing pin the tail on the corgi. 

Layla W - year 2

I enjoyed the day.  I liked the tea party and playing croquet.  I dressed up as King Richard.

 Freddie M - year 2

Jack Rutter - Paralympic athlete

On Monday 19th June we had the honour of being visited by the Paralympic England football captain Jack Rutter.  Each class completed a variety of exercise circuits followed by a whole school assembly.  Jack shared his story with us and talked about his football career.  The children asked lots of super questions and Jack autographed a photo for the children.  It was a great afternoon and I know he inspired many with his words of wisdom and determination.



It was a fun afternoon because I learned lots of new exercises and I got to meet a footballer.

 Alisha P - year 2

It was brilliant because it was fun doing the fitness course.  Jack told us his story and it inspired me to follow my dreams.

Danny CQ - year 5

Creative Curriculum Week

During the week beginning the 3rd July the whole school took part in a creative curriculum week.  Each day was based around a different theme and each class undertook an activity with every teacher each day.  These involved a British day, art day, outdoor day and community day. All the staff and children had a great week with lots of fun involved.  I would like to say a huge thank you to Mrs Carol Mumford who spent a whole day demonstrating how to spin, and showed the children how to spin on their own.  It was fab!

Monday - British day

Mrs Colwell - tennis

Miss Wallace - British values and school council elections

Mrs Jones - Royal family

Mrs Gething - British flags



Tuesday - art day

Mrs Colwell - messy art

Miss Wallace - stone painting

Mrs Jones - fabric painting

Mrs Gething - sculptures




Wednesday - outdoor day

Mrs Colwell - den building

Miss Wallace - story collages

Mrs Jones - gardening

Mrs Gething - water challenge






Thursday - community day

Mrs Colwell - park

Miss Wallace - Carol Mumford - spinning

Mrs Jones - cooking

Mrs Gething - litter picking





Sports Day

Wednesday 5th July saw our annual school sports day.  Despite the baking weather, all the children participated in a number of different races and activities. We also saw a mum's three legged race, a dad's sprint and a teacher's egg and spoon race. Congratulations to the blue team who were the overall winners. All the children were fantastic and good team players.








As part of Tesco's 'food for fuel' scheme Theresa O'Connell from the Abergavenny store came to the school for the sports day afternoon, to provide free fruit and water to all the children.  She will be returning to the school in the autumn term  to undertake some more work with the children.



Madley Environmental Centre - Class 2

On Thursday 22nd of September class 2 went on a trip to Madley Environmental Centre to take part in their Storytelling celebration.  They enjoyed stories such as the Bog Baby, the Hungry Caterpillar, Fairy Tales and various stories told by the famous author Daniel Morden. The children had a lovely time pond dipping, making scenes from the books using natural materials and hunting for bears.



It was good.  I enjoyed the Bog Baby story and looking for the Bog Babies in the pond.

Daisy - class 2

It was really fun. I loved looking for the Bog Baby in the pond.

Dylan - class 2

Stickman production - Class R

On Monday 17th October Reception went to the Courtyard Theatre in Brecon to see the production of Stickman.  This is linked to their reading for meaning which is books written by Julia Donaldson. All the children and adults really enjoyed themselves.  Unfortunately they were unable to take photographs.

It was good.  My favourite bit and the funniest bit was when the dog chased the Stickman 

Logan - Reception 

It was funny.  I liked the bit when the Stickman went in the water.

Tillie - Reception

Grosmont Castle - Class 2

On Tuesday 28th February Class 2 went on a trip to Grosmont Castle.  As part of our history topic of castles and geography topic related to the local area, we thought this visit would link well. We decided this was a Motte and Bailey castle as it has a moat, though this is no longer filled with water.  We explored the different areas of the castle ruins and discussed where certain parts would have been. We also went on a dragon egg hunt and made a wizard's potion.  We read stories about castles and dragons and re-enacted knight's battles and jousting.  We walked the perimeter and climbed the stairs to view the castle from the top.  Although the weather became a little cold and wet, the children enjoyed themselves.




It was epic. We could climb the stairs and see far away.

Noah - year 2

It was awesome because we got to explore.  We went on a dragon egg hunt.

Alisha - year 2


 Weston's Cider Farm - Class R

Class R went on a trip to Weston’s Cider Farm (Monday 20th March) where they met and got to stroke Ronaldo, the Hereford United bull mascot. They went on a tractor ride, tasted some apple juice and held baby lambs. We have received an email to say how well behaved the children were. They had a great time despite the weather being cold and wet.


It was good.  My favourite part was going on the tractor.

Zain J - year R

It was great.  My mum works at that place but not on the farm.  My favourite bit was stroking the horse.

Huw P - year R

Year 6 residential - London

This year the annual year 6 residential saw the children spending two days and one night in London.  The had a tour of London on the first day, followed by Pizza Express and Matilda the musical.  The next day they visited the Harry Potter Studios and explored the wonderful world of Harry and the other characters.  They had a fabulous time and Mrs Gething reported they were all superbly behaved.

Our London adventure was utterly amazing.  One of the highlight was seeing Matilda, the musical, at the Cambridge Theatre in the West End.  My favourite character was Matilda, who sang her heart out.

Zara K - year 6

The Harry Potter Studio was incredible and it was amazing to see all of the animatronics used to make the animals come to life.  We had to bow to Buck beak and dodge the spiders from the Forbidden Forest.

Ellie C - year 6




 Class 6 assembly - Friendship

On Thursday 9th February class 6 delivered a superb assembly on the theme of friendship.  They wrote and co ordinated the whole thing and delivered it excellently.  It centred around the ingredients needed to make a good friend, including loyalty, respect and forgiveness.  It ended with the whole class performing a rendition of 'You can count on me,' by Bruno Mars. The assembly was funny and emotional at the same time.  Well done class 6!



It brought a tear to my eye.

Harry E (year 6) and Lucy E's (year 4) mum


Class 2 assembly - Castles

On Thursday 16th March class 2 performed an assembly where they told us all about castles.  We learned about the different types of castles, the people who lived and worked there and the entertainment.  It was funny and informative at the same time. Great work class 2!



 Mother's Day assembly

Today we held our annual, whole school Mother’s day celebration (Friday 24th March). Each class performed something for their mothers. Class R told us why they love their mums, class 2 recited their own poem they had written and classes 4 and 6 sang. We also performed songs as a school and the choir also sang a selection of melodies. It was very touching and a wonderful way to say thank you for all our mums do.

It was beautiful.  It made me cry. 

Chloe and Ryan F's mum - year 4 and 6

Easter assembly

We held our school Easter celebration yesterday (Thursday 6th April), in St Michael’s church. It was lovely to see so many of you attend to watch the children’s super performances of songs and poems, as well as the year 6 narration throughout. The whole school were wonderfully behaved and performed beautifully.



Class 4 assembly - Egyptians

On Thursday 18th May class 4 performed an assembly where they told us all about the Egyptians and their lives thousands of years ago.  We learned about the different Egyptians Gods, Pharaohs, the people who lived and worked at this time and we even learned some Egyptian dance moves ! It was entertaining and informative at the same time. Great work class 4!



It was colourful and interesting with lots of facts. I loved a song at the end.

Daisy B's mum - year 4

Class R - Mini beasts

On Friday 16th June the Reception class delivered a fantastic assembly about mini beasts.  They gave us lots of interesting facts and information about the various different types of mini beasts.  They sang lots of songs with actions too.  It was a great assembly.  Well done class R.



Class 6 leaver's assembly - Porridge

This week we saw a crime wave hit Happy Valley and a caseload of mysteries needed to be solved. Lucking class 6 were on hand to assist. We saw many familiar fairy tale characters in the magical, musical production of Porridge. This leaver’s play was absolutely superb. It was funny, exciting and the children were fantastic. Fabulous well done to all those involved.







 Thought of the week

Monday 12th September 2016

Are cats better than dogs?

Yes  29%     No 71%

Monday 19th September 2016

Should we have homework?

Yes  49%     No  51%

Monday 26th September 2016

Should children have mobile phones?

Yes  62%     No 38%

 Monday 17th October 2016

Is the internet a good thing?

Yes 83%     No 17%

Monday 31st October 2016

Is TV better than books?

Yes 62%   No 38%

Monday 9th January 2017

Should children have access to the internet?

Archie - year 5

Yes  91%   No 9%

Monday 16th January 2017

Should we have zoos?

Ryan - year 6

Yes 72%    No 28%

Monday 20th February 2017

Should parents work over 6 hours a day?

Chloe F - year 5

Yes 47%    No 53%

 Monday 24th April

Should children go to university?

Jack L - year 6

Yes 76%    No 24%

Monday 22nd May

Are Jaffa cakes actually cakes?

Daisy B - year 4

Yes  65%    No  35%