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Activities and school trips

Monday 27th March - Reception had visitors

Today we had some unusual visitors in our classroom. They were three weeks old and very hungry!!

Reception - Trip to Lambing Live

The children really enjoyed our trip to Lambing Live. We learnt all about how to keep sheep healthy. We saw pregnant sheep, hour old lambs and the rams. We enjoyed having a turn in the tractor.

Reception - Forest School

The children love their weekly Forest School sessions. Whatever the weather we are out developing our confidence, building resilience, promoting independence, encouraging creativity and supporting our holistic development. 

Reception - visit from the Fire Brigade

We were really fortunate to have a visit for Ewyas Harolds Fire Fighters. They let us sit in the engine, see the flashing lights and hear how loud the siren is. We also got to feel how powerful the hose is.  

Reception-Space 2023

The Reception children have loved learning all about space. Today we took a rocket to the moon, we then had zero gravity so we had to do our writing under the tables. 

Young Voices Jan 2023

Chinese New Year 2023 - 23.01.23

The children in Reception and Class 4 have been busy learning all about Chinese New Year this week. We have been learning the story of the zodiac and Reception have been cooking a chinese banquet. Year R and Class 6 enjoyed researching Chinese New Year during our Buddy time which we then shared with our parents. 

Class 6 - WW2 Day 3.01.23

Class 6 were introduced to their topic by having a WW2 day. The children came into school dressed in WW2 outfits and took part in lots of fun activities. These activities included Air Raid drills, packing an evacuee's suitcase, digging for victiry and even dancing a WW2 inspired Lindy Hop.

PTFA take over day - December 2022

The children and staff had the most amazing day!!!! Thank you so much to our wonderful PTFA for arranging such a fabulous day for everyone. Merry Christmas!!

Reception Trip to Pontrilas Merchants - Friday 2nd December

The children loved writing their order forms for compost, wood and nails. The children all ordered what we needed with Donna at the till before seeing how the forklift worked. A few days later we took delivery, the children carried the planks in and signed the delivery form. Thank you for the kind donation.

Children in Need 2022

For Children in Need this year we wore spots, Reception ran a cake sale and we collecting 1ps and 2ps for the penny trail. We raised £193.73!!!!!

Reception Trip to the Post Office - Friday 11th November

The Reception had a lovely time writing letters to their parents, they then had a look on google maps how to get to the post office. We made maps to follow and took our letters, bought stamps and posted them. We then followed our maps to the playing fields before a visit to the church to see the Poppy display.

The Circus 18.10.22

The children worked together to produce a fantastic circus show at lunchtime, we had hula hooping, gymnastics, dance and a spectacular yo-yo demonstration.


Hello Yellow - Monday 18th March

All the children and staff wore yellow in the aid of the Young Minds Charity. This event links with our Wellbeing focusand we have seen children and staff working acroos the school with a range of activities. Pupils have enjoyed a range of learning experiences that will enhance their self-confidence, personal safety and self-esteem.


 October 2022

During our first football tournament of the season, Poppy Price was awarded player of the match.

Halloween 2022

A very spooky time at Ewyas Harold Primary School!!! Best dressed and pumpkin comptetions followed by a fabulous PTFA disco. 

Grandparents Day 2022

 We had a fantastic turn out for Receptions Grandparents' Day. The children loved sharing their learning and enjoyed showing and exploring their learning environment with their Grandparents. 


Monday - Jigsaw Assemblies 

On a Monday we come together to share a mindful approach to PSHE and well-being assembly. We practice calming technique before exploring areas such as kindness and resilience. We learn a new song and share ideas. We love this start to our week, we continue with our calming techniques in the classroom with our teacher. Maybe we could teach you at home. 

Friday 17th March - Red Nose Day and Mother's Day Assembly

We raised money for Red Nose Day by dressing up for JOY this year, something that made us and our friends smile. We also had our Mother's Day Assembly on the same day. Each year did either a poem or a song to celebrate the important women in our lives. Reception painted portraits and explained why they loved their mums. 

Friday's celebration assembly

Every Friday we come together as a whole school to celebrate our achievements. This maybe something children brought in from home eg swimming badge or sporting trophy. We also have school awards for writing, maths and handwriting and star of the week and a values certificate which recognises personal qualitites such as resilience, respect and honesty.

Class 4 assembly - 6th December 2022

Class 4 parents have had the opportunity to come into school and watch the musical talents of their children on Tuesday morning. Thank you Mrs Gibson from Encore for making learning the tin whistle so much fun.

Open The Book

Every other Tuesday we are visited by 'Open the Book' who share a story from the bible with us. 


 Harvest Festival 2022

Harvest Festival this year was held at school, all the year groups contributed either by sharing a song or a poem.