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2015 Archive

School Council

Ewyas Harold is very proud of our super school council. Over the last few years the council have raised money for a number of important causes and made some effective changes to the school. They have held events, cake sales and organised non uniform days, to name but a few.

The school council is run and led by the pupils, and supported by Miss Wallace .  They meet on a regular basis and children take an active role in making decisions and discussing suggestions on behalf of the other pupils. Representatives are elected democratically, with children nominating themselves and the other pupils voting for their favourite candidate, following a short speech by each child wishing to be considered for the role. Every year group throughout the school has two school council representatives (except for Reception). They raise issues brought to them by other children in their class and feedback any decisions. School council regularly report back to the rest of the school during assemblies.

Year 6 – Lauren W and Aaron F

Year 5 – Alice G and Lenny G

Year 4 – Lily W and Otto J (replaced Charlie P)

Year 3 – Lily-Rose J (replaced Ruby L) and Matty G

Year 2 - Ruby J and TM

Year 1 - Rosie E and Freddie M

I want to fundraise by having fun days.  I would like to raise money for school and charities.

– Lauren W, Year 6

When people need help we can help them.  I would like to get more equipment for school

– Aaron F, Year 6

Our sponsored child

We are continuing to sponsor our Tibetan child and will be raising more money for him and his school within the year.

Tenzin Gyalpo

Tenzin Gyalpo is eight years old and lives in India. Mrs Lindsay met him on her recent trek around India. He is a refugee child.  There is much unrest in Tibet and as a result parents are not risking the lives of their children, so many are escaping and going to India. He is currently under the care of THF (Tibetan Homes Foundation). He has adjusted well in his new family home and lives with eleven other children.  He loves going to school and enjoys all of his subjects. He especially loves art and playing football.


Pyjama day- Friday 2nd October

School Council decided that they would like to raise money to buy some toys, that the whole school could play with during breaktimes.  We did this last year and the children chose some excellent items that the children really enjoyed using. The children suggested a pyjama day where everyone wears their pyjamas to school and contributes £1.  So on Friday 2nd October the children and teachers came dressed in their bedtime attire. Everyone looked great in their nightwear and we raised £90.  Well done everyone!


Children In Need - Friday 13th November 2015

Today is BBC Children in Need. Every penny from the money you raise or donate goes towards helping disadvantaged children and young people in the UK. This year’s theme is ‘Be a hero.’ All the children were invited to come to school, dressed up as their hero or someone they admire.  They all looked fantastic.  We also held a cake sale and covered a giant Pudsey Bear with coins.  Our school raised £138.04.  Fantastic effort everyone, well done.




Sport Relief - Friday 18th March 2016

On Friday 18th March our school took part in Sport Relief.  We all dressed up in our sporting gear and undertook various sports activities throughout the afternoon.  We raised £91.02. Well done to everyone who took part.

Sport Relief is a biennial charity event from Comic Relief, in association with BBC Sport, which brings together the worlds of sport and entertainment to raise money to help vulnerable people in both the UK and the world's poorest countries.

Of all the money raised by the public through Sport Relief, 50% is used to make a difference right here in the UK, and 50% goes towards transforming lives across the world’s poorest communities.

In the last two years, Sport Relief cash has helped to enable over 189,000 children to attend school and get an education, 16,500 people get the support they need to improve their mental health, over 734,000 children to be given life-saving vaccine and provided funding for 23 projects that support people living with dementia.




It's really good because you know the money you raise is helping other children and grown ups that haven't got things we have.

- Tamsin S-M, year 3

Sport Relief is fun and it helps children and grown ups that need help.

- Sam J, year 3



NSPCC visit - Thursday 14th April 2016

On Thursday 14th April we were visited by a lady from the NSPCC.  She undertook two assemblies for key stages 1 and 2.  She talked about speaking out and staying safe.  The children undertook games, watched videos and discussed various issues, including who to talk to if they have a problem.  Children were reminded that they all have the right to be listened to, stay safe and not be hurt and get help when they need it.  This was followed by a more specific year 5 and 6 workshop week.

Each class has taken part in Buddy’s Big Challenge to help raise money for the NSPCC. During our PE sessions we have undertaken sporting challenges such as circuits, throwing and catching, basket ball, football and rounders. We collected sponsor money and raised £400. Thank you all for your generous donations.




The challenge was fun because we got to do Buddy's Big Challenge in PE and raise money at the same time.

- Daisy B, year 3

It was exciting because we learned how we can help children.

- Chloe F, year 3


School Council visit to Dulas Court - October 2015

On Friday 23rd October School Council visited Dulais Court Residential Home.  As part of our school Harvest collection we asked for donations of items we could distribute to the elderly, who live at Dulas Court.  We were provided with lunch and it was an opportunity to spend some time with members of the community.  We chatted, read stories and had lots of fun. Thank you for your donations, the residents were over the moon.

You may also be interested to know that Dulas Court will be opening a coffee shop on Monday 2nd November for the general public.They will be serving a selection of hot and cold beverages, as well as scones and soup.




Pumpkin carving competition - October 2015

On Friday 23rd October the school held a pumpkin carving competition.  School Council looked carefully at the pumpkin creations and chose a winner for each year group.  It was very difficult as there were some wonderful entries.  Well done to all those who participated.  Many of these pumpkins will be lighting the path to the Halloween Disco, if you wish to have a look.

Reception winner  - James G

Year 1 winner - Megan H

Year 2 winner - Ruby J

Year 3 winner - Tamsin SM

Year 4 winner - Lily P and Dylan P

Year 5 winner - Ioana P

Year 6 winner - Cerys M

Other entries:





The Young'uns - Thursday 5th November 2015

Today we were lucky enough to be visited by the British folk band The Young'uns.  They play at concerts and folk festivals around the world.  The children were taught different songs and in particular a relevant song for this time of year, called Rab the dog.  It's about 7 Wallace brothers who went to fight in World War 1 and took their dog, Rab with them.  All returned home safely when the war ended. The children really enjoyed themselves.  If you would like to learn more about The Young'uns, please click on the following linkThe Young'uns 




Apprentice Sorcerer - Monday 9th November 2015

West Midland's Children's Touring Company visited school today to perform the Apprentice Sorcerer. It was about a King and Queen who went to a magic show starring the Apprentice Sorcerer.  The Queen got hypnotised so that everytime the King clicked his fingers she did something silly.  The sorcerer had to cure the Queen. Some children were chosen to participate in the performance. The children really enjoyed it.



I thought it was good because it was funny.

- Daisy C, year 2

Road Safety Talk - Tuesday 10th November 2015

Road Safety Officer for Herefordshire Mrs Isle visited our school to talk to years R, 1, 2 and 3 about how to stay safe when walking and crossing the road. We watched videos, completed worksheets and had lots of discussion.  Always remember to STOP, LOOK, LISTEN, THINK!



British Values Week - Monday 9th - Friday 13th November 2015

This week, in the afternoons, we have been focussing on British Values. Each teacher has taken a different aspect of this and has taught each class.  The children enjoyed learning about all things British. We had lots of fun and the children produced some excellent work.

Mrs Colwell – Kings and Queens


Mrs Pudney – Royal Legion and Remembrance Day


Miss Wallace – Famous British People


Miss Willard – Rule of Law


Mrs Reid/Mrs Tobey – P4C – Valuing differences.


Anti-Bullying Week - Monday 16th - Friday 20th November 2015

This week was National Anti-Bullying Week. This is a serious issue and can cause children a lot of stress, unhappiness and upset.  We decided to spend the afternoons looking at the subject of bullying. Each teacher undertook a different area and moved around the school, delivering their topic to each class.

Mrs Coldwell – Team building activities


Mrs Pudney – Drama and role play


Miss Wallace – Cyber bullying


Miss Willard – Anti-bullying tree

Mrs Reid/Mrs Tobey – Anti-bullying posters


PC Chris Lea came to talk to the children about his job as a police officer and the rule of law.  He also discussed the issue of bullying and the seriousness of the issue.

CHRISTMAS spells Christmas - December 2015

This christmas year R, 1 and 2 teamed up to perform the play of 'CHRISTMAS spells Christmas'  It is an upbeat nativity story, including traditional and modern songs.  The children worked really hard to learn all their words and the songs.  They were all fabulous. Everyone involved did a great job, staff and pupils.



It was a brilliant performance.  The costumes were fantastic and the singing was lovely.

- Abi H and Olivia H's mum, years R and 3


Christmas party and Santa

Our last day in school, before Christmas, was very exciting. We were very lucky that because all the boys and girls in our school have been so good, Father Christmas came to visit us.  We also had our school lunch and party where we all wore our party hats and our Christmas jumpers.  The afternoon was finished off with lots of games and dancing at the disco.  Merry Christmas everyone.




New school toilets

We are looking to refurb our school toilets.

School Council have made a collage of what they would like their new toilets to look like and what they would like them to include.

They have designed separate key stage 1 and key stage 2 boys and girls toilets.

What do you think?



Beavers and Cubs assembly

On Monday 1st February some of the leaders from Ewyas Harold Cubs and Beavers Group came to school to talk to the children about what they do in their club. We were told and shown pictures of the children going on adventures, taking part in Forest School, building dens, attending sleepovers, playing games, ice skating, trampolining, undertaking circus skills, family craft groups, singing and team building games as well as more formal activities. Some of the Beavers and Cubs from our school wore their uniforms and showed us their badges that they can earn by participating in various challenges, such as the adventure challenge and the team building challenge.  A big award cermony is held for the children to receive these badges that they have worked hard for.  It sounds like great fun.  They meet at Ewyas Harold Memorial hall every Monday 4.30 - 6 for Beavers and 6-7.30 for Cubs and Scouts. They have spaces for any children who would like to join and are also looking for adult volunteers to help. More information can be found in this week's newsletter.




Ewyas Harold Bake Off - Monday 22nd February 2016

School Council decided they would like to replicate the Great British Bake Off.   Children were asked to bake a cake or four smaller cakes based around the theme of Great Britain. This could be a British design or recipe.  School Council then judged them on appearance and taste.  The whole school got to sample some of the cakes. 

The entries all looked and tasted amazing.  Huge well done to all children and parents for your hardwork.

Overall winner - Joe M year 6






St David's Celebration - Dulas Court, Tuesday 1st Match 2016

On Tuesday 1st March the whole school was invited to Dulas Court Care Home to celebrate Saint David's Day.  All the children took part in a Welsh colouring competition and received juice and welshcakes in the tea rooms, with some of the residents.  The colourings were displayed  and the residents are going to pick a winner, who will receive a big Easter egg. The tea rooms at Dulas Court are lovely and are open to the general public on Mondays and Tuesdays, between 10am and 4pm.  The also accept pre bookings for other days.



I've never had welshcakes before.  It was nice to visit the old people. I think they enjoyed it. 

- Abi GP, Year 3

The welshcakes were nice.  It was nice chatting to the old lady about her knitting.

- Tom P, Year 6

World Book day - Thursday 3rd March 2016

The whole school took part in celebrating World Book Day.  We dressed up as our favourite book characters and brought in some of our favourite books.  The children shared their books with the other children and the classes undertook reading and book activities.

Can you guess who these characters are?




It was fun. I liked seeing everyone in their costumes. It is good to celebrate World Book Day because reading helps you in life.

- Ellie C, Year 5

I enjoyed dressing up as the Gruffalo. Julia Donaldson is my favourite author.

- Mia P, Year 2

'Clean for the Queen' litter picking - Friday 4th March 2016

As part of the Queen's 90th birthday celebrations School Council; participated in the 'clean for the Queen' program.  This involved walking around Ewyas Harold village, picking up litter, in a bid to make the country cleaner. 


It was fun. We found a lot of litter. People should put their litter in the bin.

- Ruby J, Year 2

We found cans, wrappers and cigarettes.  We shouldn't drop litter.  It looks disgraceful!

- Aaron F, Year 6

Class R and 1 Wedding - Tuesday 8th March 2016

As part of their topic on Christianity, class R and 1 decided to perform a mock wedding ceremony. Names were chosen out of a hat for the bride and groom - Freddie M and Freya W. The ceremony was officiated by our resident Vicar Ashley Evans.  The children had a great time.




I was the bridesmaid.  Everyone sat down.  Ashley came and said some words.  He said Freya and Freddie have got married.  I enjoyed it. 

- Ruby L, Year 1

It provided the children with a real life experience and many of the children said it was the first wedding they had ever been to.

- Mrs Nevard, TA, Class R and 1

Calan - Wednesday 9th March

On Wednesday 9th March, Welsh band Calan visited our school.  They played instruments and sang some songs, as well as teaching us some clog dances. All the teachers and children had a great time.  Thank you to Caroline Slough for organsing this.



I thought it was really good considering I thought it would only be ok. I enjoyed doing the dancing

- Dilys M, Year 3

Sing Spring - Wednesday 16th March 2016

On 16th March year 2 were invited to take part in a singing programme, along with some other schools at Marlbrook Primary School. All schools had to learn pre selected songs and then choose one of their own to learn and perform.  Ewyas Harold chose to sing 'Yellow Submarine,' by the Beatles, accompanied by Sam S's dad on the guitar.  Year 2 were superb.  They all sang loudly, performed the actions and behaved impeccably.  A huge well done to all.

Unfortunately we only have video footage of this so no photographs are available.  If you would like to see the video then please see Mrs Pudney or Miss Wallace.


Queen's birthday celebrations - Monday 21st March 2016

We were invited, along with other schools in Hereford, to take part in designing a birthday card for the Queen, to celebrate her 90th birthday.

We decided to take the two school council presidents from year 6, Lauren W and Aaron F.

This took place at Hereford Town Hall on Monday 21st March between 12 and 1pm.  We were given a tour of the Mayor’s Parlour and Silver Vault before creating a drawing and message to be printed onto a giant card.  Once all entries have been scanned on to the card it will then be transported using Hereford Pedicabs (by bike) all the way to London, arriving on Her Majesty’s actual birthday on Thursday 21st April.




NSPCC visit - Thursday 14th April 2016

On Thursday 14th April we were visited by a lady from the NSPCC.  She undertook two assemblies for key stages 1 and 2.  She talked about speaking out and staying safe.  The children undertook games, watched videos and discussed various issues, including who to talk to if they have a problem.  Children were reminded that they all have the right to be listened to, stay safe and not be hurt and get help when they need it. A letter will be sent home with more information. This will be followed by a more indepth year 5 and 6 workshop next week.

Next week the whole school are going to take part in Buddy's Big Workout challenge.  Each class will undertake a sporting activity to help raise money for the NSPCC.  Sponsorship forms will be sent home.  Please can they be returned by Wednesday 27th April.  Thank you in advance for any contributions.  More information about this event will be found on the SMSC fundraising page, following the effort.



It was a really good assembly.  It made me think about my actions and what I can do when I'm worried.

 - Georgia B, year 6

It was a good assembly because it taught us that you are not alone, there is always someone you can talk to.

- Conrad H, year 3

Ewyas Harold's Got Talent

This year school council decided to hold a school talent show, where children could display their various talents.  We had lots of entries, with children demonstrating a variety of areas of expertise, including singing, dancing, gymnastics, magic, joke telling and poetry recitals.  Everyone who particpated was fantastic and we all had an enjoyable afternoon.  It was very difficult, but our panel of judges decided that Zara King should receive the winning trophy for Ewyas Harold's Got Talent. She performed an excellent gymnastic and dance routine to a Little Mix song. A huge thanks and congratulations to everyone who took part, well done.



Year 6 trip to Blists Hill

On Tuesday 8th December, year 6 went on a class trip to Blists Hill, Ironbridge, Shropshire. This was to enhance their class topic on 'The Victorians.' It gave the children the opportunity to experience life in the Victorian period. They walked around a Victorian village with working Victorian shops, for example bakers, blacksmith, sweet shop. The children loved it.



It was really good because we walked around.  It's all old fashioned.  There was an old fashioned sweet shop that sold gob stoppers and toffee bon bons. The chips in the chip shop were cooked in beef fat.  There was also an old fashioned clothes shop and dentist.

- Tom P, year 6

Year R trip - Bill Quan's farm - Thursday 3rd March 2016

On Thursday 3rd March, Reception class went to visit a local farm belonging to Bill Quan.  The children saw lots of different animals, including lambs, pigs and chickens.  They even saw a lamb being born and got to hold a lamb.  After visiting the animals the children went on a woodland walk.  The children also hugged a tree which Prince Charles likes to do.





I had a nice time. I liked the lambs. We went for a walk.

- Grace P, Year R

We saw some baby lambs being born.  I liked the dog.  I held him on the lead.

- James G, Year R


Year 4 and 5 trip - Techniquest - Thursday 24th March

On Thursday 24th March.  Class 5 went on a trip to Techniquest in Cardiff Bay.  The class visited all the exhibits where they had to explore various experiments and uncover how they worked and why.  After they were given a space talk where they became space cadets. 





"I enjoyed it very much.  It was fun.  My favourite bit was the tennis ball machine.  You had to pull a rope and let it go.  Then the tennis ball shot into the air."

Xander EL - year 5

"It was really fun.  The best bit was going in a dark room and touching the electricity."

Otto J - year 4

Class 6 - Black History Month

This month (October 2015) is Black History Month.  On Thursday 15th October, year 6 delivered an assembly on American history and what we can learn from this.  They discussed slavery through to modern day.  Well done class 6.  We all learned a lot.




We learned about Civil Rights. It was quite upsetting to see people being so cruel.

 - Seren C, year 6

The assembly was great. I thought they all did brilliantly. They all learnt their words and were clear. It is an important subject for us all to know about and applies to everyday life. It's a lesson children should learn at an early age...respect.

 - Mr Palmer, Ned P's dad - year 6

Class 5 (years 4 and 5) - Anglo Saxons

On Thursday 3rd December class 5 presented a fantastic assembly about the Anglo Saxons.  They gave us lots of facts and information, as well as performing some excellent scenes from Anglo Saxon times.  It was interesting and funny.  Well done class 5.



Anglo Saxons were from the dark ages.  The last Saxon King got stabbed in the eye.  I love the Saxons, it's really good history.

- George C, year 4

The assembly was very good.  The children worked hard and learned a lot.  Good resources too.

 - Mrs Phillips, Charlie P and Arthur P's mum, year 4 and 1

Class 3 - Human body

On Thursday 11th February class 3 performed an assembly about the human body.  We learned lots of facts and information about the different parts of the body and their jobs.  They also sang a song about the skeleton along with a dance. It was very interesting.  All the children worked really hard.  Good job class 3.



I enjoyed learning about the human body. I liked the doing the assembly because you learn about all the different body parts at the same time

 - Ollie L, year 3

It was brilliant. They all worked so hard. It has made the children much more aware of what goes on in their body.

 - Mrs Cooper, Willow C and Seren C's mum - year 3 and 6

Class 2 - Castles

On Thursday 17th March class 2 delivered an assembly about castles.  They gave us lots of facts and information about different castles and we learned some new terminology and vocabulary. They sang a catchy song about castles and showed us their super swords and shields they had made with Caroline Slough. Well done class 2, it was great.



I enjoyed learning about castles.  I learned that the first castles were built with wood.  I found it interesting.

 - Sam S, year 2

It was brilliant. The children all spoke loud and clear. They were confident and all had big smiles. Good singing too. We were very proud.

- Mrs Slough, Sam S's mum, year 2 and Mrs Jones, Ruby J's mum and Alex J's mum, year 2 and year 4

Class R and 1 - Seasons

On Thursday 26th May class R and 1 performed an assembly about the different seasons.  They gave us lots of facts and information about the seasons and also told us which was their favourite season and why. They sang lots of super songs about each season and they all wore costumes related to their season. Well done class R and 1, it was terrific.



I liked learning my words and I learned lots about the seasons.

 - Ruby L, year 1

The assembly was good. I enjoyed the singing and nobody got their words wrong.

 - Bradley H, Megan H's brother, year 1