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2014 Archive


Spiritual Development

Pupils' spiritual development involves the growth of their sense of self, their unique potential, their understanding of their strengths and weaknesses and their will to achieve. As their curiosity about themselves and their place in the world increases, they try to answer for themselves some of life's fundamental questions. They develop the knowledge, skills, understanding, qualities and attitudes they need to foster their own inner lives and non-material wellbeing.

Moral Development

Pupils' moral development involves pupils acquiring an understanding of the difference between right and wrong and of moral conflict, a concern for others and the will to do what is right. They are able and willing to reflect on the consequences of their actions and learn how to forgive themselves and others. They develop the knowledge, skills and understanding, qualities and attitudes they need in order to make responsible moral decisions and act on them.

Social Development

Pupils' social development involves pupils acquiring an understanding of the responsibilities and rights of being members of families and communities (local, national and global) and an ability to relate to others and to work with others for the common good. They display a sense of belonging and an increasing willingness to participate. They develop the knowledge, skills, understanding, qualities and attitudes they need to make an active contribution to the democratic process in each of their communities.

Cultural Development

Pupils' cultural development involves pupils acquiring an understanding of cultural traditions and the ability to appreciate and respond to a variety of aesthetic experiences. They acquire a respect for their own culture and that of others, an interest in others' ways of doing things and curiosity about differences. They develop the knowledge, skills, understanding, qualities and attitudes they need to understand, appreciate and contribute to culture.

At Ewyas Harold we embed this understanding across the entire curriculum. We offer opportunities for children to explore, reflect and question a wide variety of issues. We are supporting children by helping them to:

  • reflect on important questions of meaning and identity
  • think about special events in life and how they are celebrated at home and in other communities
  • explore the relationship between human beings and their environment
  • develop their self-esteem and self-awareness
  • think about right and wrong
  • reflect on their emotions and feelings
  • express and explore beliefs, ideas and experiences through creative arts


School Council

Ewyas Harold is very proud of our super school council. Over the last few years the council have raised money for a number of important causes and made some effective changes to the school. They have held events, cake sales and organised non uniform days, to name but a few.

The school council is run and led by the pupils, and supported by Miss Wallace and Mrs Lindsay.  They meet on a regular basis and children take an active role in making decisions and discussing suggestions on behalf of the other pupils. Representatives are elected democratically, with children nominating themselves and the other pupils voting for their favourite candidate, following a short speech by each child wishing to be considered for the role. Every year group throughout the school has two school council representatives (except for Reception). They raise issues brought to them by other children in their class and feedback any decisions. School council regularly report back to the rest of the school during assemblies.

Year 6 – John Y and Phoebe EP

Year 5 – Joe M and Georgia B

Year 4 – Jack L and Zara K

Year 3 – Otto J and Lucy M

Year 2 - Luke J and Olivia H

Year 1 - Harry M and Chloe D

We can make school better and take people's ideas and raise money for charities.

– Phoebe EP, Year 6

We get to make decisions about the school and raise money to help the school and others. 

– John Y, Year 6

Our sponsored child

We are continuing to sponsor our Tibetan child and will be raising more money for him and his school within the year.

Tenzin Gyalpo

Tenzin Gyalpo is eight years old and lives in India. Mrs Lindsay met him on her recent trek around India. He is a refugee child.  There is much unrest in Tibet and as a result parents are not risking the lives of their children, so many are escaping and going to India. He is currently under the care of THF (Tibetan Homes Foundation). He has adjusted well in his new family home and lives with eleven other children.  He loves going to school and enjoys all of his subjects. He especially loves art and playing football.


Children In Need

Friday 14th November was the annual Children In Need appeal. Every penny made during the appeal goes towards helping disadvantaged children in the UK. 

School Council decided the whole school should dress as super heroes for the day, even the staff.


We also held a cake sale with cakes donated from parents/carers and children.  Thank you to all those who donated.


We raised a total of £167.20


In the summer the children took part in a sponsored skip to raise money for Heartstart, the British Heart Foundation.  We raised £584.16 for the charity, with £116.83 for the school.  The school council decided they would like to spend the money on new toys for playtime.  They perused the catalogues and ordered lots of different equipment.  The children are very pleased with the purchases.



Red Nose Day/Comic Relief

We took part in raising money for Comic Relief.  The children were invited to wear something red or wear a funny face.  We had a cake sale, covered giant noses with coins, designed our own red nose competition and pulled funny faces.  Lots of children, including the whole of class five, took part in a sponsored silence.  The total raised so far is £294.84.

Well done everyone.





Archaeological Dig

During the week of 15th September, years 3,4,5 and 6 took part in an archaeological dig.  This was part of a community project in the area, run by Headland Archaeology.  Children dug pits and investigated any findings on the school field.

It was good because we found lots of pottery.

– Lucy M, Year 3

I really enjoyed digging the holes and seeing how archaeologists work.

– Ned P, Year 5

Mark Wallace Cricket

On Thursday 9th October we were lucky to be visited by Glamorgan Cricket captain, PCA (Professional Cricket Association) chairman and celebrity ambassador for Ty Hafan children's hospital, Mark Wallace.  He delivered an assembly to the whole school, discussing his various roles and responsibilities.  He also demonstrated the kit he wears, with the help of some of the children and Mr Sallis.  Following this he undertook cricket sessions with each class.


It was fantastic.

– Mrs Chesworth

It was good. It was fun hitting the balls. Mark was cool. 

– Lewis R, Year 5

Mark told us all about cricket.  I enjoyed using the bat and hitting the ball. 

– Ellie B, Year 3


We have grown pumpkins during gardening club.  School Council decided they would like to use them for something.  So on Friday 17th October, year 6 made pumpkin scones and pumpkin soup. They prepared all the ingredients and made the food themselves.  The whole school got to sample both dishes.



I enjoyed putting the mixture in the flour and mixing it with my hands.  I cut the onions for the soup. I looked very teary.

– Arion VW, Year 6

The soup was quite sour and the scone was quite sweet.

– Ruby L - Year 2

Cultural week - Great Britain

This week (20th to 24th October) the whole school has undertaken a cultural week, around the topic of Great Britain.  We have spent a day looking at each country that makes up Great Britain - England, wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Each teacher has taught a different area relating to each country and each class has rotated around the activities.

Monday - Scotland

Mrs Priday - unoffical Scottish National Anthem and emblems

Mrs Pudney - baking shortbread biscuits

Miss Fallon - myths and legends - King Arthur

Mrs Bartle - the Lochness monster

Miss Wallace - Mary Queen of Scots

Mr Sallis - tennis

Tuesday - Ireland

Mrs Priday - Irish emblems

Mre Pudney - baking Irish poatao sweets (not a traditional recipe)

Miss Fallon - myths and legends - Giants causeway

Miss Morris/Mrs Bartle - making shamrocks

Miss Wallace - the Titanic

Mr Sallis - Irish dancing

Wednesday - England

Mrs Priday - traditional England

Mrs Pudney - baking Victoria sponges

Miss Fallon - myths and legends - Robin Hood

Mrs Bartle - painting the London skyline

Miss Wallace - Alfred the Great

Mr Sallis - football

Thursday - Great Ewyas Harold Bake Off (see below)

Friday - Wales

Mrs Priday - 3D dragons

Mrs Pudney - baking Welshcakes

Miss Fallon - myths and legends - Welsh Dragon

(white dragons v red dragons)

Mrs Bartle - dragon art

Miss Wallace - Welsh songs and stories

Mr Sallis - rugby

Friday was also the day when children were invited to wear something patriotic to school.  There were lots of different costumes.



I liked it when we got to make the Irish flags.  Miss  Wallace put mine upside down.

– Daisy B, Year 2

I enjoyed all the activities.  My favourite was cooking the shortbread.

– Harry E, Year 4 


Great Ewyas Harold Bake Off

School Council decided they would like to replicate the Great British Bake Off.  We decided to tie this in with our cultural week.  Children were asked to bake a cake or four smaller cakes based around the theme of Great Britain.  School Council then judged them on appearance and taste.  The whole school got to sample some of the cakes. 

The entries all looked and tasted amazing.  Huge well done to all children and parents for your hardwork.

Overall winner - Chloe D year R

The overall winner was decided by Miss Wallace and Miss Morris, who were blindfolded and had to taste the winning entries from each year group.

Year group winners:

Year R - Ella-Louise W

Year 1 - Chloe D

Year 2 - Daisy B

Year 3 - Nathan J

Year 4 - Xander EL

Year 5 - Amy H

Year 6 - Harry W

I liked it because I could make a factfile and it was fun cooking.

– Dilys M, Year 2

I loved being a taster.  There were lots of different kinds of cakes.  My favourite was the marshmallow cake.

– Jack L, Year 4

Pumpkin carving competition

We held a pumpkin carving competition (Friday 24th October) in preparation for Halloween.  The entries were fantastic with children spending a lot of time and effort on their designs.



Year R - Ella-Louise W

Year 1 - Sam S

Year 2 - Ruby W

Year 3 - Alex J

Year 4 - Ioana P

Year 5 - Kira J

Year 6 - Grace S

It was fun because my dad helped me.

– Arthur P, Year R

I enjoyed making it. There was a witch on it.

– Ella, Louise W, Year R

Cats Protection

On Wednesday 5th November, Chelsea, Natalie and Sarah visited us from the Allensmore Cats Protection Centre.  The Cats Protection has been running for 87 years and this centre currently has 70 cats and kittens that need rehoming.  We learned about cats and the Cats Protection service, cat care and responsible pet ownership.  The ladies gave us each a goody bag and certificate too.


It was good to know how to take care of your cat and see the different bugs.

– Amber S, year 5

Remembrance Day

2014 marks 100 years since the outbreak of WW1.  At 11 o'clock, 11th November the whole school took part in the 2 minute silence in memory of all those who have been affected in all conflicts. A non uniform day was held on the previous Friday with the optional theme of dressing as evacuees.

We were very lucky to have local man Peter Davies come and talk to the whole school about his time spent as a soldier during WW2. He joined the RAF in 1941, switching to the army in 1942 to become a member of the tank crew.  He went ashore during the D-Day landings and saw action in France, Holland and Germany.


I thought it was very sad because so many people lost their lives.  Mr Davies was very interesting.

– Conrad H - Year 2

I thought it was quite bad in the war and he didn't enjoy it.  I was looking forward to what he was going to say next because the first chunk was very interesting.

– Otto J - Year 3

New Monkey Bars

A huge thank you to the PTA who raised money for new monkey bars for the school playground.  They also gave up their time, along with other volunteers to help erect them. The children love them.

Father Christmas - This is your life!

Christmas panto season is upon us and this year, class 1 and 2 teamed up to perform the play of 'Father Christmas - This is your life!'  It included modern and olden day ideas of Christmas with an array of festive figures.  The children worked really hard to learn all their words and the songs.  They were all fabulous.


It was very interesting and entertaining.

– Luke J's mum, year 2

Good News

Reception performed their rhyming rendition of the nativity story, entitled Good News.  The cast were excellent and all the children knew their words perfectly.  The songs were super and the audience really enjoyed it.



It was lovely. All the children were fantastic and you could hear every word.

– Freddie M's mum, year R

Christmas Tree

We have kindly been donated an enormous 17 foot tall christmas tree.  We have just about managed to decorate it and it is standing very tall in our school hall.  Please stop by and have a look. Huge thank you to Freya W's (Year R) Grandad, Brian Chance and Wayne Lewis.

Christmas party/last day

Our last day in school, before Christmas, was very exciting. We were very lucky that because all the boys and girls in our school have been so good, Father Christmas came to visit us.  We also had our school lunch and party where we all wore our party hats.  The afternoon was finished off with lots of games and dancing at the disco.  Merry Christmas everyone.




Road Safety

On Monday 12th January, Road Safety Officer Barbara Isle came to talk to years 1 and 2 about staying safe on and around roads. We used some actions to remind us to stop, look, listen and think before crossing a road.


Spanish week 9th - 12th February

After half term the children will be learning Spanish instead of French, throughout the school.

We thought we would conduct a Spanish week so that children could become accustomed to some Spanish traditions.

Each class have undertaken different Spanish activities during this week. These have ranged from debating Spanish customs such as bull fighting, recreating Spanish art, speaking Spanish, cooking and tasting Spanish dishes and studying Spanish history.





Chinese New Year February 2015

We celebrated Chinese New Year by undertaking different activities.  We read and discussed the story and made different crafts.  This year is the year of the sheep.  Kung Hei Fat Choi everyone. 



Ewyas Harold's Got Talent 2015

This year school council decided to hold a school talent show, where children could display their various talents.  We had lots of entries, with children demonstrating a variety of areas of expertise, including singing, dancing, gymnastics, magic, science experiments, acting, joke telling and poetry recitals.  Everyone who particpated was fantastic and we all had an enjoyable afternoon.  It was very difficult, but our panel of judges decided that Arion van Warmello should receive the winning trophy for Ewyas Harold's Got Talent. He told jokes and read a radio show. A huge thanks and congratulations to everyone who took part, well done.



Thursday 5th March 2015

The whole school took part in celebrating World Book Day.  We dressed up as our favourite book characters and brought in some of our favourite books.  The older children spent some time in the afternoon sharing books and reading to the younger children.  Each class also undertook World Book Day activities.

Can you guess who these characters are?





Magna Carta

Today Deputy Lieutenant Phillip Wilcocks came to talk to us about the Magna Carta. In 1215 (800 years ago in June) Bad King John was made to sign the Magna Carta.  This contained a list of rules about what he could and couldn't do.  For example he was no longer able to imprison anyone unless they were tried by a jury.  Our courts and laws today stem from this document.

A copy of the Magna Carta is currently on display in Hereford Cathedral.  It is a free exhibition that is running between March and September.  It is advisable to book.

For further information see the website www.herefordcathedral.org or phone 01432 374256.



India week

This last week of the spring term we have been looking at the country of India.  Each class has looked at many different aspects of India including culture, art, food, dress, animals, buildings, flags and homes. It has been interesting to look at how different India is to where we live.




Queen's Birthday

Today (April 21st)  is Queen Elizabeth's birthday.  She is 89 today.  Years 3 and 4 made some birthday cards, crowns, clothing and flags to celebrate.  Years 5 and 6 made cards too.  They have sent them to the Queen, along with an accompanying letter written by Josh D (year 5).





Sing Up Spring 2015

On 23rd April year 2 were invited to take part in a singing programme, along with Marlbrook and Little Dewchurch schools. All schools had to learn four pre selected songs and then choose one of their own to learn and perform.  Ewyas Harold chose to sing 'I just can't wait to be king,' from the Lion King film and musical.  Year 2 were superb.  They all sang loudly, performed the actions and behaved impeccably.  A huge well done and thank you to all the parents who came to support us.


Visitors from our twin town in Segonzac, France

Today (Friday 8th May) some visitors from our twin town in Segonzac, France came to talk to the children.  The headteacher of our twin school Karine Marcadier talked to the children about her school and the children asked lots of questions.  Our visitors then had a tour of the school with our school council representatives.

They are keen to set up links with families from Ewyas Harold and the surrounding area, with the view to exchanging hospitality.  Families will be able to visit Segonzac and stay with a French family for just the price of the journey fare.  If you are interested in this, please see Miss Wallace.


Culture week - British Values

With the recent general election, this week (Monday 18th - Friday 22nd May) we have been concentrating on British Values. It has centred around democracy, the law, mutual respect, tolerance of different faiths and beliefs and school council elections (ready for the new school year).

We have also taken part in a British themed folk dance and music workshop. Caroline Slough (Sam's mum in class 1) organised for the folk band, Lady Maisery to come and demonstrate some folk music and dances. They also played their instruments for us - accordion, violin and harp.  They also taught us some folk songs and dances.



Sport's day and Cross Country June 2015

On Friday 19th June we held our annual school sport's day and cross country.  It was a beautiful day and we all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.  The barbecue lunch was delicious and every child was given an ice cream.  The PTFA did an excellent job organising all the food and refreshments.  All of the children took part in each race and there were opportunities for parents, carers and other relatives to show off their egg and spoon and skipping skills. 


1st - blue team

2nd - yellow team

3rd - red team

4th - green team



This year the cross country race took place at Ewyas Harold playing fields.  Children were given the option of whether or not to participate. Well done to all those involved.



British Culture dance and music workshops

We attended a dance and music day at Marlbrook school on Wednesday 1st July, to celebrate their British Culture Week.  The children spent the whole day there, participating in various workshops, including traditional British dances and folk songs. We all had a great time.




British Culture week and British Baking Bash

During the week of 6th July we have undertaken another British week, looking at British culture, with the focus on art.  We have have looked at British wildlife, authors and recipes (amongst other things) and have used these to create paintings, models and collages. As part of this we also held a British Baking Bash with the option of children following and making a traditional British recipe. Many children took part, bringing in foods such as crumble, welshcakes, scones, biscuits and bread. Staff had the honour of tasting these delights and the difficulty of selecting a winner from each class.  An overall winner was then chosen for the whole school. The children did fantastically well and we all got to sample some of the delicious treats.

1st place - Daisy Booth

2nd place - Alice Gooch

3rd place - Harry Pardoe





As their leaving concert (July 2015) year 6 performed the musical Oliver. The children were fantastic.  They all really got into charcater and their costumes were super.  All of the actors and actresses remembered all of their lines and were loud and clear.  The songs were super and it was wonderful to watch.  Well done year 6 and Mrs Priday!



Leaver's Assembly

Friday 17th July was our year 6 leaver's assembly.  The children shared with us their memories of their time at Ewyas Harold Primary School.  They sang a song and were given awards and leaving gifts.  It was an emotional assembly but we all wish our fabulous year 6s lots of luck in high school. 

It was during this assembly that we also said goodbye to Mrs Priday, Mr Sallis and Miss Fallon.  They have been an great asset to our school and we are all sad to see them go.


Autumn term:

We offer a variety of school clubs here.  These include:

  • Newspaper club (KS2)
  • Film club (R, 1 and 2)
  • Craft club (R, 1 and 2)
  • Choir (KS2)
  • Tag rugby (KS2)

Please see Mrs Mailes in the office if you require anymore information or wish to enrol your child in any of these clubs.

School Trips

Owl Sanctuary

On Monday 3rd November, class R visited the owl sanctuary in the Festival Park, Ebbw Vale. The children made bird feeders, necklaces out of wood and held an owl called Alfie.  Arthur and Maisie released two owls back in the wild.


It was good.  I loved it.  I let one of the birds go.

– Maisie B, year R

It was fantastic. I would highly recommend it.

– Mrs Pudney, year R teacher

Noah's Ark Zoo Farm

Class 2 went on a school trip to Noah's Ark Zoo Farm, Bristol on Thursday 26th February.  We walked around the animal enclosures, where we saw lions, elephants, giraffes and other animals.  The children also got to stroke a snake and a bearded dragon. They were also given the opportunity to feed the meerkats.




I enjoyed it. I liked watching the elephants.

– Daisy C, year 2

It was exciting. I loved touching the snake.

– Lucy E, year 2

Quan's Farm

On Wednesday 25th March, Reception class went to visit a local farm belonging to Bill Quan.  The children saw lots of different animals, including lambs, pigs and chickens.  The children even got to hold a lamb.  After visiting the animals the children went on a woodland walk.  They were able to identify four different trees.  The children also hugged a tree which Prince Charles likes to do.




It was good.  There were lots of animals.  My favourite bit was seeing a baby fox.

– Freddie M, year R

It was fantastic. I would highly recommend it.

– Mrs Pudney, year R teacher

Queenswood Country Park

Year R visited Queenswood Country Park on Monday 22nd June.  They had a very busy day.  They looked for wooden sculptures and found the bear, badger and doormouse.  They looked at the view through a telescope, played in the mud, went in the sensory garden, had a picnic lunch and played in the park. They had a fabulous time.




It was nice.  My favourite part was when we went for a walk.

– Harry P, year R

It was fun. I looked in the telescope. I saw the sky.

– Amy C, year R


Years 5 and 6 went to JCA outdoor activity centre on a residential school trip from Friday 26th to Monday 29th June. They joined Marlbrook and Little Dewchurch Primary schools and got to make new friends. The children got to take part in abseiling, zip wiring, archery, team skills and swimming. They had a great time.



It was really good. The instructors encouraged us. My favourite bit was abseiling.

– Carys B., year 6

It was fun.  We got to hang out with our friends. My favourite part was zipwiring.

– Poppy G., year 6

Cattle Country

On Wednesday 8th July the whole school went on a trip to Cattle Country in Berkeley, Gloucester. There was lots to see and do.  The children went on a tractor ride, met and fed a variety of animals (including guinea pigs, goats, cows and lambs), went on a giant climbing net, bounced on giant jumping pillows, rode the zip wire, explored the castle, visited the indoor play barns (where many slid the death slide) and paddled a boat on the lake.   Everyone had a great time.






It was so cool. There was a big slide that was scary on the way down. I liked the ball pit. I saw a bull and a one day old calf.

– Luke J., year 2

My favourite bit was the yellow slide. It was bumpy. I liked looking at the guinea pigs.

– Willow C., year 2

Celebration Assemblies

Achievement Assemblies

Every Friday we have a celebration assembly where we celebrate children’s achievements, both in and out of school, in many different areas.

Each week the class teacher selects a child to be presented with the ‘Child of the Week,’ ‘Star Writer’ and ‘Handwriting’ (fortnightly) award.

We also have awards from the lunch time staff, attendance awards, best line awards as well as celebrating sporting achievements.

This is also an opportunity to celebrate childrens’ birthdays’ as a school.

It’s really exciting hearing about the good things people have done.

– Ioana P., Year 4

I get to know who has been really good at something, like writing.

– Tamsin S-M., Year 2

Harvest Festival Celebration

On Thursday 23rd October we held our annual Harvest festival celebration at St. Michael's Church.  Years 5 and 6 led the celebration, with the other classes reciting various Harvest poems.  Everyone worked very hard and it was lovely to see so many parents there.



We collected food for people without any.

– Jacob W, Year 5

I enjoyed our performance. I was Patrick the mouse. 

– Pippa B, Year 6

Christmas Carol Concert

Wednesday 17th December was our annual carol concert, held in St Michael's Church.  The service included lots of lovely carols, sung by the children, choir and congregation.  Each class performed a play, song or poem.  It was lovely to see so many parents, carers, relatives and members of the community there.



It was fabulous. Lovely as always.

– Danny CQ's mum and dad, Year 3

Mother's Day Assembly

On Sunday 15th March many will be celebrating Mothering Sunday.  A chance for us to thank our mums for all that they do for us.  We held a Mother's Day Assembly where we sang songs about our mums. KS1 wrote and read poems and told us why their mums are so special. Reception also painted pictures of their mums and year 1 made flowers. 



It was heartwarming. I loved it.

– Josh and Noah W's mum, years 2 and R

It was lovely.  Very good.

– Ruby and Ben W's mum, years 2 and 4

Easter Assembly

The whole school took part in an Easter celebration assembly in St Michael's Church.  Years 3 and 4 led the celebration with a story about a bunny trying to find out about Easter.  Year 6 retold the biblical story of Easter, whilst the other classes read poems.  The whole school and the choir also sang a number of songs.



It was lovely.

– Jake W's mum, year 5

It was excellent....brilliant.

– Alison W's and Lauren W's mum, years 3 and 5

Leaver's assembly

Friday 17th July was our year 6 leaver's assembly.  The children shared with us their memories of their time at Ewyas Harold Primary School.  They sang a song and were given awards and leaving gifts.  It was an emotional assembly but we all wish our fabulous year 6s lots of luck in high school. 

It was during this assembly that we also said goodbye to Mrs Priday, Mr Sallis and Miss Fallon.  They have been an great asset to our school and we are all sad to see them go.



I have enjoyed my time here and will miss it very much.

– Luke D'Souza, year 6

I will miss this school. The best bit was when Mrs Priday got vinegar on the walls.

– Megan R, year 6

The assembly was good.  It was emotional.

– Luke D'Souza's mum, year 6

The assembly was brilliant.  Phoebe has achieved so much here.

– Phoebe Eastwood, Prater's mum, year 6


Class Assemblies

Anti Bullying Assembly years 5 and 6

As part of National Anti Bullying Week, years 5 and 6 undertook an assembly relating to this topic.  They explained the definition of bullying, displayed some role play, acted out a quiz game and performed a rap.



Honesty Assembly years 3 and 4

Years 3 and 4 presented an assembly, based on the topic of honesty.

They performed a play highlighting the importance of telling the truth and read an acrostic poem the class had written.

It was well rehearsed, loud and clear and was a good topic.

– Daisy R's mum, year 3



Roman Assembly year 2

Year 2 have been studying the Romans as part of theit history topic.  They told us all about the battles between the Celts and the Romans.  We learned lots of interesting facts and the acting was super.

We loved it.  Lots of information and facts.

– Dylan H's mum, year 2

A good idea. The class learned about the Romans through learning the play and the children watching the assembly also learnt about the Romans too. 

– Daisy G and Will G's mum, year R and 2



Seasons Assembly year 1

On Thursday 7th May, class 1 performed an assembly on seasons. They told us how the seasons change and discussed their favourite season and why. They also sang a song, recited a poem and showed us some art and D and T they had made related to the different seasons. The children worked very hard and their assembly was great.

It was amazing. I was emotional.

– Amelia's mum, year 1

It was lovely to see how much they had learned about the different seasons and what their favourite season was.

– Sam S's mum, year 1



Minibeast Assembly year R

On Thursday 2nd July, class R told us all about minbeasts in their assembly.  They had been on a minibeast hunt and had found lots of different minibeasts.  They used the internet and non fiction books to find out facts about minbeasts.  They told us about the life cycle of a butterfly and also sang a super song.  They were all loud and did really well remembering their lines.  It was lovely.


It was great to hear about the activities the children have carried out and to see their enjoyment in doing it.

– Daisy G and William G's mum, years R and 2

Thought of the Week

The Idea

Each week we will have a current discussion question (thought of the week) for the children to think about. Children will then be given the opportunity to air their opinion and each child will then vote, based on their viewpoint.

Monday 8th September 2014

Should school spend money on better toilets?

(As posed by Harry E year 4)

Yes 67%   No 33%

Monday 15th September 2014

Should we hunt animals?

(As posed by Jack D year 4)

Yes 21%  No 79%

Monday 22nd September 2014

Should all houses have a television?

(As posed by Xander EL year 4)

Yes 46%  No 54%

Monday 29th September 2014

Should british people go to fight in Afghanistan?

(As posed by John Y year 6)

Yes 30%  No 70%

Monday 6th October 2014

Should people have to believe in a religion?

(As posed by Ella G year 6)

Yes 12%  No 88%

Monday 13th October 2014

Do we need to change our school lunches?

Yes 87%  No 13%

Monday 3rd November 2014

Should we be kind to everyone?

(As posed by Jack D year 4)

Yes 52%  No 48%

Monday 10th November 2014

Should everyone have to join the army?

(As posed by Amber S year 5)

Yes  18%  No 82%

Monday 17th November 2014

Should we have 3 school days instead of 5?

(As posed by Georgia B year 5)

Yes 45%   No 55%

Monday 24th November 2014

Should we go on more school trips?

(As posed by Molly W year 6)

Yes 75%  No 25%

Monday 1st December 2014

Should sport be made safer?

Yes 81%  No 19%

Monday 8th December 2014

Should we have real Christmas trees at Christmas?

Yes 34%   No 66%

Monday 12th January 2015

Should we all have to take part in sport?

(As posed by Conrad H year 2)

Yes 49%   No 51%

Monday 19th January 2015

Should we speak different languages in school?

(As posed by Zara K year 4)

Yes 52%   No 48%

Monday 26th January 2015

Should we walk to school rather than travel by car?

(As posed by Dilys M year 2)

Yes 40%  No 60%

Monday 2nd February 2015

Should we have detention?

(As posed by Tamsin SM year 2)

Yes 41%  No 59%

Monday 9th February 2015

Should we have animals in school?

(As posed by Ioana P year 4)

Yes  55%  No 45%

Monday 23rd February 2015

Should people choose how much money they give the government?

(As posed by Ioana P year 4)

Yes 48%  No 52%

Monday 2nd March 2015

Should the UK be four separate countries?

Yes 12%   No 88%

Monday 9th March 2015

Should we have music in cars?

(As posed by Ruby W year 2)

Yes 66%  No 34%

Monday 16th March 2015

Should we all have to work?

(As posed by Daisy B year 2)

Yes 78%   No 22%

Monday 13th April 2015

Should we be forced to like everyone?

(As posed by Phoebe EP year 6)

Yes 7%   No 93%


Monday 20th April 2015

Should we have pudding with our school dinner?

(As posed by Ollie L year 2)

Yes 58%   No 42%

Monday 27th April 2015

Should people be allowed to smoke?

(As posed by Lenny G year 4)

Yes 19%  No 81%

Monday 11th May 2015

Should we keep animals as pets?

(As posed by Lexi A year 2)

Yes 83%  No 17%

Monday 18th May 2015

Should children be allowed to vote in the general election?

Yes 61%   No 39%

Monday 1st June 2015

Should police keep all their information private?

(As posed by Ioana P year 4)

Yes 39%  No 61%

Monday 15th June 2015

Should supermarkets give food to charities?

Yes 67%  No 33%


Monday 29th June 2015

Should we test products on animals?

(As posed by Ellie G year 6)

Yes 27%   No 73%