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Spiritual Development

Pupils' spiritual development involves the growth of their sense of self, their unique potential, their understanding of their strengths and weaknesses and their will to achieve. As their curiosity about themselves and their place in the world increases, they try to answer for themselves some of life's fundamental questions. They develop the knowledge, skills, understanding, qualities and attitudes they need to foster their own inner lives and non-material wellbeing.

Moral Development

Pupils' moral development involves pupils acquiring an understanding of the difference between right and wrong and of moral conflict, a concern for others and the will to do what is right. They are able and willing to reflect on the consequences of their actions and learn how to forgive themselves and others. They develop the knowledge, skills and understanding, qualities and attitudes they need in order to make responsible moral decisions and act on them.

Social Development

Pupils' social development involves pupils acquiring an understanding of the responsibilities and rights of being members of families and communities (local, national and global) and an ability to relate to others and to work with others for the common good. They display a sense of belonging and an increasing willingness to participate. They develop the knowledge, skills, understanding, qualities and attitudes they need to make an active contribution to the democratic process in each of their communities.

Cultural Development

Pupils' cultural development involves pupils acquiring an understanding of cultural traditions and the ability to appreciate and respond to a variety of aesthetic experiences. They acquire a respect for their own culture and that of others, an interest in others' ways of doing things and curiosity about differences. They develop the knowledge, skills, understanding, qualities and attitudes they need to understand, appreciate and contribute to culture.

At Ewyas Harold we embed this understanding across the entire curriculum. We offer opportunities for children to explore, reflect and question a wide variety of issues. We are supporting children by helping them to:

  • reflect on important questions of meaning and identity
  • think about special events in life and how they are celebrated at home and in other communities
  • explore the relationship between human beings and their environment
  • develop their self-esteem and self-awareness
  • think about right and wrong
  • reflect on their emotions and feelings
  • express and explore beliefs, ideas and experiences through creative arts


School Council

Ewyas Harold is very proud of our super school council. Over the last few years the council have raised money for a number of important causes and made some effective changes to the school. They have held events, cake sales and organised non uniform days, to name but a few.

The school council is run and led by the pupils, and supported by Miss Wallace and Mrs Lindsay.  They meet on a regular basis and children take an active role in making decisions and discussing suggestions on behalf of the other pupils. Representatives are elected democratically, with children nominating themselves and the other pupils voting for their favourite candidate, following a short speech by each child wishing to be considered for the role. Every class throughout the school has two school council representatives (except for Reception). They raise issues brought to them by other children in their class and feedback any decisions. School council regularly report back to the rest of the school during assemblies.

Class 6 – Ewan C and Ella G

Class 4 – Josh D and Seren C

Class 3 – Harry E and Ioana P

Class 2 – Nathan J and Ellie B

Class 1 – Tom K and Tamsin S-M

We can get things which are good for the school.  We need to raise money for us and others.

– Ewan C, Year 6

People tell us what they want. We organise fundraising.

– Ella G, Year 5

Our latest ventures include raising money for a child we currently sponsor in Tibet, raising money for Sports Relief and beginning communication with our twin school in Segonzac, France. 

Tenzin Gyalpo

Tenzin Gyalpo is eight years old and lives in India. Mrs Lindsay met him on her recent trek around India. He is a refugee child.  There is much unrest in Tibet and as a result parents are not risking the lives of their children, so many are escaping and going to India. He is currently under the care of THF (Tibetan Homes Foundation). He has adjusted well in his new family home and lives with eleven other children.  He loves going to school and enjoys all of his subjects. He especially loves art and playing football.

We are planning to write him a letter. He has already written us one.

– Ewan C, Year 6

We are organising a fundraiser to send money to his school as they don’t have pencils or anything!

– Ella G, Year 5

Sports Relief

On Friday 21st March, our School Council organised an afternoon of sporting activities to raise money for Sports Relief.  Every child was asked to come to school in their sports kit and donate £1 to the charity.  In the afternoon each class moved around five different activities. We raised £78 for Sports Relief.

I thought it was great because we got to wear our sports kit to school and got to play fun games.

– Sam S, Year 2

It was awesome because we played loads of different games.

– Scarlett P, Year 2

Mrs Priday - cheerleading

Paul Hughes (Football Association) and Mrs Pudney - football

Miss Wallace - dance

Mr Greenow and Mrs Chesworth - tag rugby

Sponsored Bike Ride

On Wednesday 18th June, Reception class took part in a sponsored bike ride to raise money for Hereford and Worcester Animal Rescue (total raised not yet finalised).  The children rode around the playground, completing numerous laps.

Sponsored Skip

On Friday 4th July, the whole school took part in a skipping session to raise awareness and money for the British Heart Foundation.  The charity organised a Jump Rope for Heart event to encourage children to be active, healthy and take care of their hearts.  To date we have raised £539.16, a fantastic achievement.  A massive thank you to all the children for taking part and those who raised money for the event.



Red Cross Visit

On Tuesday 25th March we were visited by some members of the Red Cross.  They delivered an assembly to the whole school, highlighting their work, and then undertook workshops with each class, focusing on different areas including water, sanitation and shelter.

I very much enjoyed the workshop.  I think we should help people.

– Tessa C, Year 6


I enjoyed it because the lady told us more about the Red Cross.  If people don't have food we can help them.

– Lenny G, Year 3

A member of the Red Cross first aid team also presented each class with some basic first aid informaton and techniques.

It was cool because we learned how to assess a situation where someone has had an accident.

– Grace S, Year 6

It was good because it helps us know what we can do to help people who are hurt.

– Xander EL, Year 3

Buddha Day

On Friday 22nd May we celebrated Buddha day by having a morning of activities related to Buddhism. We also held a competition for the best coloured mandala pattern, in each year group.  It cost £1 to enter with the money made being donated to our sponsored child from India, Tenzin.  We raised £35. Well done to all those children who took part.

Winners of the mandala competition:

Year R - Chloe D

Year 1 - Ollie G

Year 2 - Ellie B

Year 3 - Jack L

Year 4 - cerys M

Year 5 - Tessa C

Year 6 - Luke DS

Practising Buddhist Anne Ashley led an assembly where she introduced the Buddhist religion, retold the story of Buddha and undertook some basic meditation with the children.

Talented artist Caroline Slough worked with the whole school to produce a huge display of mandalas from every child.  The children painted their mandala pattern onto individual circles, on a large circle of material, using fabric paints.  It looks amazing!Talented artist Caroline Slough worked with the whole school to produce a huge display of mandalas from every child.  The children painted their mandala pattern onto individual circles, on a large circle of material, using fabric paints.  It looks amazing!

Each class undertook different activities relating to Buddhism.

(Please note Mrs Pudney was absent on this day, so year 1 were split between the other classes)

Class R made a thinking house using a tent. They are using it to think about what makes them happy.  They have also coloured and made collages of mandalas, as well as making lotus flowers.

Meditating made me happy and sleepy.

– Poppy R, Year R

I rubbed the belly on the statue of Buddha.  It gives you good luck.

– Aaron P, Year 1

Class 2 made individual Buddhas out of clay, along with coloured lotus flowers for the Buddha to sit on.

They made prayer flags, which are on display in the classroom.  Also they looked at Buddhist rules and their way of life.

I enjoyed painting my mandala.  I liked the Buddhist music because it was calming.

– Lewis W - Year 2

Class 3 had a Buddha quiz.  They researched Buddha and watched some Sri Lankan celebrations.

They also made prayer wheels and wrote their own prayers.

I enjoyed meditating.  It made me feel relaxed.

– Alice G, Year 4

Class 4 investigated Buddhist temples around the world.  They also made mandala patterns.

I enjoyed learning about a different religion.  I have never seen a Buddhist before but I got to see  one today.

– Georgia B, Year 4

Class 6 made Buddhist prayer flags and flower garlands.  They decorated cakes with mandala patterns and made Buddha blow pictures, using a straw and paint.

I learned about Buddhist prayer.  I enjoyed writing my own prayer and making a flag.

– Henry R, Year 6

Activity Week

The whole school have taken part in an activity week (Tuesday 1st July to Friday 4th July).  We have undertaken lots of different activities throughout the week and the children have really enjoyed themselves.

Tuesday 1st July

The whole school went on a trip to Caswell Bay in Swansea (see trips section for photographs and further information).

Wednesday 2nd July

We had three inflatables on the field, an ocean scene, a pirate ship and a castle.  Each class spent an hour enjoying these, in two seperate sessions. Children spent the remainder of the day undertaking art and craft activities, within their classes.

"The inflatables were amazing.  I liked doing the art stuff too."

Danny CQ - Year 2

"I had lots of fun.  I want a bouncy castle for my birthday."

Chloe D - Year R


Ewyas Harold joined the children at Marlbrook school to partake in an activity day there. The children had a fantastic time.  There was so much to do.  They had animal handling, story telling, World Cup dance, zorb balls, quad biking, lazer zone and much more. It was also a great opportunity to mix with other schools, and make new friends. 

It was really good. I loved the lazer area.

– Jack D, Year 3

It was amazing.  We got to do lots of fun things.  My favourite bit was the zorb balls.

– Amy H, Year 4

Sport's Day

Wednesday 9th July was our annual sport's day.  The sun was shining and it was a great afternoon.  A large number of parents came to our picnic and to watch the afternoon events.  It was great to see so many of you there.  There was lots of excitement with the children and lots of cheering for their teams.  We saw races such as obstacle, egg and spoon, space hopper, relay and sack race.  This years winning team was the greens.  A big well done to all.


It was an enjoyable day.

– John Y's mum, year 5


We offer a variety of after school clubs here.  These include:

  • Crafts (KS1 and 2)
  • Recorders (KS1 and 2)
  • Sport (KS2)
  • Choir (years 2 to 6)
  • ICT (KS1)
  • Newspaper (KS2)
  • Superstars multi-skills sports (KS1 and 2)
  • Football skills (KS1 and 2)

Please see Mrs Mailes in the office if you require anymore information or wish to enrol your child in any of these clubs.

School Trips

Caswell Bay

The whole school were lucky enough to go on a school trip to the beach (Tuesday 1st July).  It was a beautiful day at Caswell Bay, and the sun was shining.  The children had a brilliant time playing cricket and other ball games, splashing in pools of sea water, building sandcastles and sand sculptures, investigating the wildlife and searching in rock pools.  They were all even treated to a delicious ice cream.  A huge thank you to the PTFA for funding the entire trip, it was super.

It was a nice change.  I enjoyed looking for crabs.

– Harry W, Year 5

I thought the beach was really, really, really good.  I enjoyed the crab finding, even though I didn't find any.

– Oliver H, Year 5

Condover Hall Outdoor Activity Centre

Mr Greenow and Mrs Chesworth accompanied year 6 on their activity weekend to Condover Hall Outdoor activity Centre, in Shropshire (Friday 27th to Monday 30th June). Marlbrook and Little Dewchurch schools also joined Ewyas Harold on this exciting adventure. The children took part in abseiling, leap of faith, buggy building and initaitive exercises, to name but a few.  Evening activities included sports, disco and murder mystery games.

It was very good.  I enjoyed the archery.

– Tom P, Year 6

It was amazing. I enjoyed the abseiling.

– Lydia W, Year 6

It was great to see our children pushing themselves and achieving things they thought were impossible.

– Mr Greenow, Year 3 teacher

Black and White House

Class 4 have been studying the Tudors.  They went on a trip to the Black and White House in Hereford (Tuesday 17th June).  They participated in a Tudor workshop, which involved three activities: swaddling babies, laying a Tudor table and identifying different herbs.  This was followed by another workshop back at school, where the children re enacted a Tudor court and wrote a Tudor style will using ink and a quill. 

It was amazing because when we went to the ground floor of the house we got to mix some herbs.

– Kira J, Year 4

My favourite part was when we were on the top floor, swaddling babies.  I didn't want to hang him on the wall.  I named him Junior Joe.  They hung babies on the wall to stop rats nibbling their toes and getting the Plague.

– Joe M, Year 4

Queenswood National Park

Class R have been comparing seasons, so they decided to go on a trip to Queenswood National Park in Dinsmore, Hereford (Tuesday 20th May).  

They explored the area and saw lots of interesting things.  They had a picnic and got to play in the park.

We found fox clues. My favourite thing was going down the slide. It was fun.

– Harry R, Reception

I saw a baby bear statue up a tree. I had a nice time.

– Connie S, Reception

Chocolate Factory

Class 2 took a trip to the Chocolate Factory in Swansea (Tuesday 11th March)

They saw the process of how chocolate is made, from start to finish, and of course were able to sample some of the delicious products.

It was brilliant because we got to dip marshmallows in milk chocolate.  We learned where the cocoa beans come from.

– Charlie P, Year 2

I thought the trip was fantastic because I learned how they make chocolate lollipops. I didn't like the dark chocolate, it was too strong.

– Daisy R, Year 2

St Fagans Museum in Cardiff

Class 1 visited St Fagans museum in Cardiff (Thurday 6th March)

They looked at different Welsh houses through time.  This relates to their history topic of what houses were like long ago.

Unfortunately they were unable to take photographs.

It had lots of houses.  My favourite was probably the Victorian Castle because it was really big.  It was made out of stone so it could not get knocked down.  If you lived in a castle you were called a Lord or Lady.

– Dilys M, Year 1 


I saw a Tudor house.  It had black beams. I loved going into the castle. They didn't have toilets so they had to go outside.

– Tom K, Year 1

Bristol Aquarium

Class R went on a school trip to Bristol Aquarium (Thursday 13th February).

They had a fabulous time, saw lots of different sea creatures and learned lots about what goes on under the water.

It was very good. I loved all of it.  I saw some eels.  They were ugly.  I saw a coral reef.  A lady fed some stingrays.

– Sam S, Year R

We went to the aquarium.  We went in the cave that had fish. I saw rainbow fish, Nemo, turtles and massive fish.  My favourite bit was seeing the giant octopus.

– Harley S, Year R

Celebration Assemblies

Easter Assembly

Our annual Easter Assembly was held in school, on Thursday 10th March.  Both children and choir sang numerous Easter related songs and hymns, as well as year 4 retelling the Easter story. It was very busy with many parents and carers attending our celebration.

It was brilliant. I loved the Chocolate Song.  I haven't heard that one before.

– Nikki McLean, mum to Chloe D, year R, and Josh D, year 4

Mother's Day

On Wednesday 26th March we held a Mother's Day celebration assembly.  We sang songs as a school and many parents/carers came to watch.  Class 2 recited a poem they had written, class 1 sang a song and class R told us why they love their mums.

I thoroughly enjoyed the assembly. Great, happy kids, smiling and talking about their mums.

– Lisa Briggs, mum to Harry B, year R , and Ellie B, year 2

Achievement Assemblies

Every Friday we have a celebration assembly where we celebrate children’s achievements, both in and out of school, in many different areas.

Each week the class teacher selects a child to be presented with the ‘Child of the Week,’ ‘Star Writer’ and ‘Handwriting’ (fortnightly) award. 

We also have awards from the lunch time staff, attendance awards, best line awards as well as celebrating sporting achievements.

This is also an opportunity to celebrate childrens’ birthdays’ as a school.

It’s really exciting hearing about the good things people have done.

– Ioana P., Year 4

I get to know who has been really good at something, like writing.

– Tamsin S-M., Year 2

Leaver's Assembly

Today (Wednesday 16th July) was our annual leaver's assembly, where we said goodbye to our year 6s.  They shared some of their memories, of their time at this school. We wish them lots of luck in their new schools, as they move on to pastures new.


Our annual awards were given by Mrs Priday.  

Anne Middle cup for KS2 cross country - Bradley H and Kelsey F year 6)

Cross Country winners cup KS1 - Archie F and Ellie B (year 2)

Diamond Jubilee cup for outstanding service to the school - Kelsey F (year 6)

Lloyd cup for endeavour and helpfulness (KS1) - Lily W (year 2)

Prowse cup for good KS1 all rounder - Ellie B (year 2)

Ponting Drama Award - Tom P (year6)

Mrs Ashmead cup for singing and dedication to choir - Sam R (year 4)

Sprackling cup for consistent academic achievement - Malaikha W (year 6 ) and Grace S (year 5 )

Samantha Pitt Award for 'All round good egg,' - Lydia W (year 6)

Nancy Hall history prize - Ewan C (year 6)

Webb Environmental Award - Luke DS (year 5)

100% attendance awards:

Ollie L (year 1)

Abigail GP (year 1)

Ellie B (year 2)

Ellie C (year 3)

Alice G (year 3)

Grace R (year 3)

Luke DS (year 5)

Ewan C (year 6)

99% attendance awards:

Harrison B (year R)

Chloe D (year R)

Harry M (year R)

Lucy E (year 1)

Jack L (year 3)

Zara K (year 3)

Sam R (year 4)

Josh D (year 4)

Ned P (year 4)

Harry W (year 5)

John Y (year 5)

Megan R (year 5)

Eleanor M (year 5)

Poppy G (year 5)

Arion VW (year 5)

Tom Pitt (year 6)

We were also sad to say ggodbye to some of our children who are moving to different schools. 

We wish you lots of luck.

Unfortunately Mr Greenow is also moving to pastures new so we had to say a goodbye to him too. He has been an asset to the school and will be sadly missed.

Lastly a huge thank you to all those who have helped and supported the school throughout the year.  This includes helpers in class, library, swimming, clubs, choir, hot lunches, trips and readers. We are all grateful for the time you have given.

Class Assemblies

Class R

Each half term a different class will conduct their own class assembly and parents are invited to come and watch.

We were given an insight into dinosaurs when Class R performed their assembly related to this topic (Wednesday 2nd July).  The children had a super knowledge of the different species of dinosaurs, and everyone certainly learned something new.  They also sang a super song about dinosaurs that we could all join in with.

I thought the assembly was really good.  Lots of hard work had gone into it.

Sarah Jones, mum to Harry R year R

Class 3

Class 3 performed an amazing assembly about the Romans, Celts and Queen Boudicca (Thursday 3rd February). There was acting, TV interviews, rapping and dancing.

I did good.  I had a little bit of stage fright.  I learned about the Romans and the Celts.

– Caleb B, Year 3

Boudicca was very interesting.  She fought against the Romans.  No one else fought against them.

– Zara K, Year 3

Class 2

Class 2 produced an excellent assembly concerning the Egyptian Pharaoh, Tutankhamen (Thursday 13th February).

Tutankhamen was famous and most people have forgotten about him.  Our assembly reminded them.

– Alison W, Year 2

It was fantastic.  We worked really hard and not many people knew what we told them.  It was funny.  Charlie and Otto had funny scientist hair.

– Chloe F, Year 2

Class 6

Class 6 performed a superb rendition of the Wizard of Oz.  All of the children were very convincing as their characters and their singing of the familiar songs was wonderful too.  A big well done to class 6 and Mrs Priday.


It was fantastic!

– Megan R's mum, Year 5

Thought of the Week

The Idea

Each week we will have a current discussion question (thought of the week) for the children to think about. Children will then be given the opportunity to air their opinion and each child will then vote, based on their viewpoint.

Monday 24th Jan 2014

Do you think we should do more to help the flood victims?

Yes 52%  No 48%

Monday 3rd March 2014

Does Ewyas Harold need a lollipop lady/man?

Yes 15%    No 85%

Monday 10th March 2014

Were the Olympic Games a waste of money?

Yes 66%  No 34%

Monday 17th March 2014

Should we celebrate different religions?

Yes 52%  No 48%

Monday 24th March 2014

Should wild animals be kept in a zoo?

Yes 34%  No 66%

Monday 31st March 2014

Should we eat meat?

Yes 65%  No 35%

Monday 7th April 2014

Do you think the Malaysian aeroplane disaster was an accident?

Yes 49%  No 51%

Monday 28th April 2014

Do we need a Royal Family?

Yes 51%  No 49%

Tuesday 6th May 2014 (Monday Bank Holiday)

Do you think Earth is the only planet with life?

Yes 20%  No 80%

Monday 12th May 2014

Should we be forced to wear school uniform?

(As posed by Luke DS year 6)

Yes 56%  No 44%

Monday 19th May 2014

Should we have a pudding with our school dinner?

(As posed by Luke DS year 6)

Yes 46%  No 54%

Monday 2nd June 2014

Should football players earn so much money?

Yes 24%  No 76%

Monday 9th June 2014

Should boys and girls clubs be separate?

Yes 41%  No 59%

Monday 16th June 2014

Should we have chocolate in school?

(As posed by Amy H year 4)

Yes 48%  No 52%

Monday 23rd June 2014

Should we all learn to swim?

Yes 92%  No 8%

Monday 30th June

Should Luis Suarez be banned from football?