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Starting or moving school is one of the most important events in any child’s life. At this time, parents are naturally concerned to do the best for their children, but many feel uncertain about what to do. Our aim is to make it as easy as possible for parents to understand the procedures involved.  This also applies to children transferring from other schools from Year 1 to 6 for which admissions are at the head teachers discretion.  Please contact the school directly. 


Admissions into our Reception class are organised by the Education Authority Admissions department.  The online application process opens on 11 September 2024 and closes on 15 January 2025 and can be accessed by clicking this link.  

Please see the following link for information regarding Reception class admissions.  

Most parents prefer their children to go to the local school and a place can nearly always be found for them without difficulty. Sometimes, however, parents prefer a school outside their own area but may find that all the places have to be allocated to local children. Inevitably, therefore, some parents have to be disappointed.

Please note, admission to our on site pre school does not guarantee admission to the school.

This page contains all the information parents need to understand the arrangements for the admission of children to Herefordshire primary schools. It explains the rules and procedures the Council has to follow to ensure that the system works as fairly as possible. The rules and procedures have been agreed by the Local Admissions Forum through which the Council, Diocesan Education Authorities, Church schools and community schools work closely together to produce the best possible arrangements for parents. The rules and procedures are particularly important when more parents apply for a particular school than there are places available.

In the information for parents/carers above, you will find details about:

  • How admission arrangements work, the admissions timetable and the options that are open to you.
  • Details of all maintained schools in the County, including the number of children that can be admitted to each primary school.
  • Information about Church of England, Roman Catholic, Foundation and Academy schools and what you have to do to apply if you would like your child to attend one.
  • Information about nursery education and special education
  • Information about school transport
  • Other issues to do with schools – school uniform requirements and how parents can discuss concerns with individual schools
  • Staff in People’s Services do all that they can to offer a friendly and efficient service to parents.
  • Leaflets are also provided to highlight the most important points parents need to bear in mind when they apply for a place in a primary or secondary school. Please get in touch with us if you need any help or advice, using the contact points shown inside the front cover of this booklet.

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