Ewyas Harold Primary School

Life at Ewyas Harold Primary School Life at Ewyas Harold Primary School

Enjoying the autumnal weather

While the weather has stayed so mild and dry the children and adults have very much enjoyed being able to play outdoors, in the sand pit, on the big bikes , with the mud kitchen and using their whole bodies to be more physical.


Halloween fun

This week our activities have been included making potions, carving and making pumpkins and a little fancy dress.


Hedgehog bread

The children helped Rita make their own hedgehog bread this week...here is how they got on.


Junk model houses

We have been talking about where we live, who we live with and what our home looks like. This week the children have been making their homes with junk model materials.


Harvesting our vegetable patch

The children helped harvest our potatoes and make them into potato wedges for our afternoon snack. They also helped collect up apples that had fallen for the compost heap and take the picked apples from the tree into pre school to enjoy for our snack.


19th September 2022

This week the children have been making blue pictures, exploring square shapes in and around Pre School and looking at the differences in their faces.


September 2022

We have welcomed back some old faces and many new. The children have been busy settling back into the routine and making new friends whilst exploring and learning.


Big playground

We had a great tie playing on big climbing equipment this afternoon


Fun in the Sun

This half term we have enjoyed the great weather by spending most of our days being outside playing and exploring


In the Garden

The children have been busy planting seeds and plants including broad beans, strawberries, potatoes, green beans, sunflowers and pumpkins


Easter Chicks

We were given eggs to put in our incubator, we then watched and waited for over a week until they hatched.


Goldilocks and the Three Bears

We have been reading the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, as well as reading the story we have played with porridge oats, compared bear sizes and made our own story maps.


Fun in the Sun

The children have been enjoying the welcome spring sunshine in our gardens.


Hairdresser role play

The children have been enjoying making their friends and staff look fabulous in our role play hairdressers this week.


World Book Day 2022

This week the children dressed up as their favourite characters and brought in their favourite books for us to share during the day.


Funky Fingers

This week we have been improving our finger strength with a variety of fine motor activities...


Nature Play

The children enjoyed putting on their wellies and overalls to explore the garden. They worked as a team to make slides, roll tyres and muddy culinary delights.


Mr Men

We have been learning about all the different Mr Men characters the children's favourite appears to be Mr Tickle! They have been helping us understand emotions, shapes and colours.


Making Pizza

WE made our pizza's using tortilla wraps. The children chose from a selection of toppings including cheese, ham, pineapple, peppers and tomatoes.