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Class 6 – Years 5 and 6

Teacher – Mrs Gething, Mrs Adjei (Monday afternoon)

Teaching Assistant – Mrs Chesworth, Mrs Wilson (Fridays)

 Class 6 at Queenswood

 Welcome back to School. We have lots of exciting events and activities planned for this Autumn term and I hope that all the children enjoy their time in the ‘top class’ of Primary School. We are a fun-loving group of 30 children who all get along splendidly together as each individual strives to reach their potential.

Your support is hugely appreciated and a major part of the success your child will experience in school. If you or your child have any concerns at all, please feel free to contact me at any time.

Core Curriculum

Our text this term is The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. We will be using this text to develop different styles of writing, as well as looking at related non-fiction. Children will also be undertaking weekly comprehension, often linked to current affairs, spelling, grammar and punctuation lessons as well as our Big Write and Extended Writing sessions.  This is where the children complete a given writing task completely independently, in silence within a specific genre or text type.

Our literacy targets focus on spelling, word, sentence, text, comprehension, punctuation and handwriting. For example, for word we will be learning about a range of different suffixes and Tricky Words.  Sentence will look at developing sentences using a variety of word classes, using sentences with different forms in their writing, using different tenses and ways to link clauses and phrases. Text will be looking at a variety of punctuation including the use of the semi-colon, the different parts of a story and the range of ways to organise related ideas in sections or paragraphs. We will review previously studied aspects of ‘SpaG’ (spelling, punctuation and grammar) and ensure all children are familiar with the range of different ways they can enhance their writing. Children will be encouraged to demonstrate these through writing narratives, writing about real events, writing poetry and writing for different purposes. We will also continue developing our handwriting so all children can work towards a neat, legible cursive style and earn (or re-earn) their Pen Licence.

In Maths our targets will focus upon Place Value and problem solving, including one, two and multi-step problems and orders of operations. Fast, accurate mental arithmetic and a solid knowledge of inverse operations are at the heart of much of the work we will be covering in the early part of the year and your support in helping the children to speed up with their tables and number bonds is invaluable. Our mini Maths topics usually cover one or two weeks and homework tasks will be set to reinforce this at home.


In the afternoons, our topics are taught separately.  In science the children will be looking at Living Things with Mrs Adjei. Our geography topic is North America. We will examine the diversity of countries that make up the continent, the differences between climate and weather across the land as well as considering the peoples who have and do live there. Geographical skills will be include looking at maps, map reading, surveys and different countries. We will be exploring a range of media in our representations of Landscapes, as well as developing our construction skills using materials (particularly relating to the construction of shelters and how to make them weatherproof as well as ensuring the materials are sustainably sourced and the buildings are suited to a particular climate.) Music focuses on singing and percussion whilst in PE we will enjoying our weekly trip to the swimming pool and a combination of team ball games, mostly looking at Hockey and Netball on Monday afternoons with our Sports Coach. PSHE considers why it is Good to be Me and how we can all benefit from Getting On & not Falling Out. RE lessons will consider what religions say to us when life gets hard and if it is better to express your beliefs through art and architecture or through charity and generosity. Mrs Adjei will also focus on the continuing development of the children’s Spanish.


Homework (grammar/punctuation or writing, spellings and maths activities) will be given out on a Friday and needs to be returned by Wednesday. This term the spelling test will be held on Friday mornings.  Children will be given a series of words that follow the weekly pattern or rule and should consider both their meaning as well as their spelling. Your help and support with spellings and times tables is invaluable in helping the children to continue making good progress.

Any opportunities you can use to help your child to tell the time and calculate time periods e.g. how long will it be until we have tea at 6pm, would be greatly appreciated. Homework is something that can cause stress to both children and parents! If you find that there are any issues, please let me know so that we can address them.

It is really important that the children read and record this every day. Once children have grasped the ‘mechanics’ of accessing a text discussing with you their reading matter is of great help to broaden their reading skills. We are working hard in school to promote Reading for Meaning. Whilst it is important for children to be heard read as much as possible, to develop your child's understanding we need to question them about what they are reading too. For example, talking about the plot, characters, what they think will happen in the book, etc. There are lots of ideas for this and some interesting websites they can access that promote that love of reading (please see the bottom of the page). Most popular children's authors have their own websites with some great activities for the children to do.


This term our school-based P.E. will take place during Monday afternoon. The children will need T-shirt and shorts as well as properly fitting trainers. Once the colder weather arrives, joggers and a sweatshirt will be needed. Getting changed for P.E. can be very busy and clothes can often get mixed up so please ensure that all kit, including footwear is clearly named. Should your child have borrowed school kit and brought it home for laundering, please could you return it so it is available for others.

Tuesday afternoon is our Swimming session at the Halo Teaching Pool. The journey there and back means this consumes most of the afternoon. Please remember to ensure the girls bring their own swimming hat to wear.

A Helping Hand

Our School may be small in number, but we all know that it is often that little extra help and attention that can make a difference to a child’s progress. Here at Ewyas Harold we are very fortunate to have so many volunteers who make a difference Should you or a relative have a little spare time to come into school on a regular basis to lend a hand, or if you may be available to support the class on our excursions and events, please let me know. Maybe just 10 or 15minutes at the start of the day? The more the merrier is a well used phrase in schools, but is very true nonetheless. Mrs Mailes has the relevant paperwork in her Office.


The Year 6 children will be sitting their end of Key Stage 2 assessments in mid-May. I appreciate that the idea of these tests can be unnerving; please rest assured that we do everything possible to prepare the children for the tests including examining questions and some practice papers during the year. Infact they often don’t even realize they are taking a test, leaving all the stress and worry to the adults around them!


If there is ever anything that concerns you or your child, or questions you would like to ask, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. There are several ways you can do this; you can either pop into the office to arrange a meeting time, give me a ring, see me on the playground at the end of the day or e-mail me at cgething@ewyas-harold.hereford.sch.uk

I look forward to working with you over the coming year.

P.S. Something to be thinking about – the Year 6 class will be leading the MacMillan Coffee Morning, the Harvest Festival and the Christmas Carol Service, so pop the dates into your diary and we look forward to your company.

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