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Class 2 - Year 2



Teacher - Mrs Adjei 

Teaching Assistants – Mrs Motley and Mrs Kennedy

Dear Parents and Carers.

Welcome back after a well-deserved summer break.   The children have settled back into class very well and have stepped up to their new role in year 2.  They have shown that they are ready for the term ahead and have already produced some lovely work. 

In Maths we will be looking at place value, where they will recognise what each digit in a two digit number represents; counting to 100 in ones and tens and shape.  Children will understand what each digit in a number represents, counting in 10s and shape, where children will look at 2D and 3D shapes and symmetry.

We will be looking at a range of books in English, where the children will be writing, diary entries, stories, non-chronological reports etc., and focusing on using their phonic knowledge to help with spelling and concentrating on the presentation of their work by practicing handwriting, daily.

In Science the children are finding out about seasonal changes and how this affects daylight hours.  They will be Working scientifically to gather and record data about how seasons change over time and will also plan and carry out a weather report.

In History the children will be looking at their place in history and finding out what is similar and different from when their grandparents were young and how things are today.  


 As part of our history topic, could you please send or email photographs of your child to school by Wednesday 13th September. 

  • Two photographs of  your child (as a baby, on their first day of school, or any other life events such as getting a new pet)
  • Two photographs of your child from Year 1 (this could be a recent photograph and one from earlier in Year 1)




Our unit in Geography is ‘What is it like here?’  This will entail looking at the our school and the school grounds, creating maps, carrying out surveys and finding ways in which improvements could be made. 

We have carried out our first week in art, where the children used string to create different lines, such as, horizontal, vertical, cross hatch, wavy and diagonal.  Over the next few weeks we will build on this, with the children using different media to carry out mark making, with a view to doing some observational drawings at the end of this unit.

Our big question in R.E. is, ‘Who do Christians say made the world?’

In Music this term, the focus will be on pulse, rhythm and pitch and in Computing the children will learn the importance of E-safety and will also cover coding. 

In PSHE the unit that the children will be working on is, ‘Being me in my world’, which will cover, rights and responsibilities, consequences and belonging to our class. 

Monday afternoon will be our P.E time, so all children in KS1 will come to school in their P.E. kit.  Paces will continue to provide outdoor provision in P.E and either Miss Bolton, or myself, will teach the indoor P.E. session.  Please ensure your child has the correct P.E kit, thank you. 

Children should be bringing their water bottles, snack (if needed), reading book and diary to school, every day.  Please try to read with your child daily, as those precious minutes spent reading with them will be so beneficial to their learning.  Don’t forget to sign the reading diary.

I am always available after school or you can make an appointment at your convenience, if you wish to speak to me. 

I look forward to meeting you all, at some point, over the term. 

 Mrs Adjei



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