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2021/22 archive

#HelloYellow and the MacMillan Coffee Morning - 8th October

Class 6 led the School's support of these two fabulous charities with a Coffee Morning in the School Hall that was attended by lots of families. There was plenty of choice for a delicious snack because of the generous support of the entire School. Children were able to buy something sweet at breaktime too.

We all wore something yellow and made a donation towards the amazing and worthwhile work of the Young Minds charity. Some people wore just a hint of yellow, but others went the 'full banana'! The entire School was able to buy ducks for our very own yellow duck race and we all walked down to the brook to watch them bobbing along the course. 

Anthony's duck was first to the end - he won an enormous rubber duck to take home. Grace's was the slowest duck so she won a very tiny little duckling to keep.

An incredible £625 was raised during the day and this was shared between the two charities.


Well-Being Week  - 18th to 22nd October

The Well Being week before the Half Term break saw all classes working on a range of issues and activities from personal safety (NSPCC Pants programme), and e-safety to healthy eating (e.g. emotion pizzas and homemade bread) and mindful colouring activities.

Every child in School was able to make and fly a kite that could be taken home to share with their families.

Children were also provided with a stress ball to keep as well as sharing a range of healthy snacks including Crunchy Munchy Mondays (crudities), Wobbly Wednesday (sugar free jelly) and Fruity Friday (fruit salad that included mango, melon, blueberries and plums).