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2020/21 Archive


Wellbeing week May 2021

Following last week's Mental Health Awareness week we had our own week of afternoon wellbeing activities.  The focus this year was on nature.  We also discussed any issues the children had and linked those in with our activities. 

Class R

This week class R have undertaken team building games, had a balloon race, played a picture game, built a tall tower, practised some drum therapy and meditation with dot tot dot breathing.

They have undertaken sensory activities including balloon and bubble play.

They have also made a display on what makes them happy, completed some cosmic yoga, planting and mindful painting.




Class 2

Class 2 have undertaken PE sessions, practised techniques for anxiety, made clay models and stress balls and spent a whole day with nature on our trip to MEC (see trips for more information and photos).



Class 4

Class 4 have been thinking about ‘Healthy Body, Healthy Mind’ this week. They started the week by thinking about their emotions and how an event can have different responses in different people. ‘We are the same, but different’ was the focus as they created a lovely Daisy Display using lots of different media. Tuesday saw the ‘Healthy Body’ approach as they completed their cardio fit, followed by some yoga and finishing of with some silly dancing before it was time to hit the music!

Inspired by Mrs Colwell’s drumming therapy they got the musical instruments out and had a jingle, a shake and a bang-a-long to some Samba music (the instruments are now back in quarantine!). They also made some delicious fruit kebabs this week, thinking about how lucky they are to have such an array of fresh produce to make them feel good on the inside.


Class 6

Class 6 have been concentrating on collaboration, cooperation and communication.  They have been working in partners and small groups. They have undertaken Forest School sessions, mindfulness, creative construction and have learned about health and safety when making scarecrows and using tools correctly.



Hope Tree  - April 2021

This year has been very strange and unprecedented for all of us.  But particularly for the children who have been very confused by these unfamiliar times. Each class had a discussion about what they hope for in this next year now that lockdown is expected to come to an end.  The children then wrote these down and we hung them off our Hope Tree at the front of the school. The answers brought a tear to many eyes of the staff, and gave us an insight into exactly what the children have been missing.  I won't divulge what their answers were, but please have a look at our Hope Tree and feel free to add to it if you wish.


Wellbeing week Oct 2020

This week we spent some time thinking about our wellbeing, especially during these strange times.

We undertook many different tasks and activities including e safety, NSPCC PANTS programme, bullying, being unique, being individual, our family and friends.  There is a lovely display outside class 2. Unfortunately we cannot invite you into school to look at it at the moment so please see the photos below.





On Friday 10th October we took part in World Mental Health Day, along with thousands of other schools, offices, companies and community groups. We wore yellow to raise vital funds for YoungMinds. The idea being whether you wear a subtle splash of colour or dress like sunshine from head-to-toe, together we can show young people they’re not alone with their mental health.