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2019/20 Archive

Activities and trips

Sport Relief

On Friday 13th March, the whole school took part in Sport Relief.

Sport Relief was created to harness that power - that passion - and raise money to help people who need it the most, no matter where they are - in the UK and around the world.

They work hard to find the best, most effective organisations here in the UK and around the world who are taking on the issues of mental healthchild povertydomestic abuse and helping people have a safe place to live. And when they find these organisations, they invest in them and their incredible work. It’s a simple idea which can have huge impact - just like sport itself. 

Since the last Sport Relief in 2018 they’ve invested £82 million to support people living incredibly tough lives in the UK and around the world. 

Our children dressed up in their sports' clothes and made a donation to this valuable cause.  They spent the rest of the day enjoying supporting activities such as HIT, circuits, large apparatus work, as well as netball, football and hockey mini matches.  We had a great day and raised £100!




School disco

We had to cancel our end of term disco at Christmas due to local flooding.  So we had our disco this afternoon instead (Friday 6th March). It was a great afternoon.  We had lots of fun dancing, games and competitions.


World Book Day

On Thursday 5th March the whole school took part in celebrating World Book Day.  We dressed up as our favourite characters.  The children shared their favourite stories with the other children and the classes undertook reading and book activities.

Can you guess who we are?



Fire Brigade visit

On Tuesday 3rd March class 2 had a visit from Ewyas Harold Fire Brigade. They have been studying the Great Fire of London in history so made houses in pairs out of cardboard boxes. In science they have been learning about materials so they designed and made a bucket to use to try and put out the Great Fire of London.  The Fire Brigade set fire to the houses to show how easily the fire spread due to the wind and closeness of the houses. The children tried to put out the fire using their buckets full of water but unfortunately this did not work. After the fire had gone out they got the chance to sit in the fire engine and have a look at the equipment.  The children absolutely loved it and the experience brought their learning to life.



Dogs Trust

Tuesday 25th February saw a visit from a lovely lady who came with two dogs (neither of which were real) from the Dogs Trust.

Reception learnt how to safety handle dogs and even got the chance to dress up and pretend to be one of our furry friends. They are now all confident in their knowledge that you don't hug a dog, you stroke it and that you must never touch a dog whilst it is eating.

Class 2 talked about the 5 things you must take into consideration when you have or meet a dog. Children got the opportunity to role play different scenarios involving dogs. They met a pretend dog and they acted out what to do in different situations.

Class 4 learnt how dogs are microchipped and the children had the opportunity to use a microchip tester.  They talked about the perceived personalities of different types of dogs and how to keep themselves safe in the vicinity of dogs.

Class 6 discussed the importance of researching different breeds before getting a dog.  They looked at ways of training a dog, using different activities and toys/treats.  They also investigated the needs of a dog and what they require such as food, walks, love...

The children had excellent prior knowledge and asked some interesting questions. The lady was very impressed and the children had a great time.



School's out for Christmas!

On the last Friday of the Christmas term we had a very exciting and fun packed day.  We were visited in the morning by someone very special......Father Christmas.  He had heard from his elves that all the children in Ewyas Harold School had been super behaved this year, so he decided to give each child an early Christmas present. 

This was followed by our annual Christmas lunch buffet with children wearing their Christmas hats they had made.



Class R trip to The Railway Garden Centre in Three Cocks

On Wednesday 18th December class R visited The Railway Garden Centre in Three Cocks.  They were met by elves who took the children to play some games and write letters to Santa.  They were given cookies and a drink. They made Christmas cards and played throw the snowball.  After they went for a walk through the enchanted winter forest where they met Father Christmas for a chat.  Because all our children were on the good list they got to chose a presents from the elf workshop.  Finally they went to see donkeys, some sheep and goats.




It was magical!

Darcey-Jo - Class R

Whole school trip - Brynmawr Cinema

The whole school went on a school trip to Brynmawr Cinema on Friday 13th December. We all boarded three buses from the Memorial Hall to Brynmawr.  We had the whole cinema to ourselves and each of us were given a box of popcorn and a drink. The seats were comfy and we enjoyed our Christmas film, Polar Express. 

 See the source image     See the source image

See the source image

Class 4 trip to Hereford Cathedral

On Thursday 6th December, class 4 visited Hereford Cathedral as part of their RE celebrations. They looked at the signs and symbols around the cathedral (and got to share a yummy brownie).  They also took part in a stained glass window workshop after looking closely at the windows in the cathedral. The children behaved beautifully and were a credit to our school.


Bedtime stories

Again bedtime stories was a roaring success. Thursday 29th November was a lovely opportunity for staff to share their favourite bedtime stories with the children, share hot chocolate and wear our pyjamas.


Children in Need

For over half a century BBC Children in Need have been raising money for young people in the UK that need help. Children in Need provide grants to projects in the UK which focus on children and young people who are disadvantaged. They currently support over 3,000 local charities and projects in communities across the UK. The projects they fund help children facing a range of disadvantages for example poverty and deprivation; children who have been the victims of abuse or neglect or disabled young people.

On Friday 15th November the whole school took part in raising money for Children in Need.  We all wore something spotty or yellow, had a Pudsey themed bake off, a bring and buy sale, sold Pudsey and Blush badges and had a 'Where's Pudsey?' game, along with lots of different class activities. It was a great day and the children raised an amazing £350.

Bake off winners:

Reception - Caleb

Year 1 - Lizzie

Year 2 - Bailey

Year 3 - Katie

Year 4 - Maisie F

Year 5 - Gracie-Mae (overall winner)

Year 6 - Ruby J




Bookshop Band

On Friday 8th November we had the pleasure of the super Bookshop Band coming to Ewyas Harold school. They read a book and made up a song about it. They performed and the children joined in. Their singing was beautiful. Thank you to Mr and Mrs Slough (Ted and Sam's parents) for organising this. 

The Bookshop Band are a duo of English folk singer-songwriters and a multi-award winning independent bookshop in the UK, Mr B's Emporium of Reading Delights. They write and perform songs inspired by books, inspired by hundreds of authors from Shakespeare to Philip Pullman, and have released 13 studio albums featuring many of the authors they have worked with. If you would like to find out more, please visit: https://www.thebookshopband.co.uk/home


Class 2 trip to St Fagan's Museum Cardiff

On Friday 8th November class 2 visited St Fagan's Museum in Cardiff.  We undertook a workshop looking at old and new toys (linked to our history topic of toys from the past) and had the opportunity to play with some of the old toys.  Then we had the opportunity to make an old fashioned peg doll (on display in class 2 so come and have a look).  Next we had a wander around the outside part of the museum, looking at houses and shops from the past. We had just enough time to have a play on the equipment before it was time for the journey home. The children had a lovely time and we learned lots.




Harvest Festival

Our Harvest festival on Friday 25th October was super. The children all worked hard and made us all proud with their performances. It was lovely to see so many adults attend. Thank you to all who donated foodstuffs for the Hereford foodbank. This charity is committed to the relief of poverty in Herefordshire and the surrounding area through the provision of emergency food parcels.



Pumpkin competition

We held our annual pumpkin competition in school on Friday 25th October, judged by School Council.  We had some fantastic entries from all age groups.  Some of these will be on display at tonight's PTFA Halloween disco.


Rec    Poppy

Y1   George

Y2   Kai

Y3   Katie

Y4   Arran

Y5   Freddie

Y6   Harry B



MacMillan coffee morning

On Friday 27th September class 6 and Mrs Gething held a coffee morning in aid of MacMillan cancer support.  Mrs Gething was in very bright and very early to set everything up.  The children did a fantastic job serving, waiter and waitressing, washing up, taking photos etc.  We were all very proud of them.  Thank you to everyone who attended, brought or made a cake and donated.  It was great to see so many people here.  We raised just over an amazing £377! Great job everyone!





 Class 6 visit to the Living Rainforest

On Friday 6th September class 6 went on a trip to the living rainforest in Newbury, linked to this term's topic of rainforests.  They found out lots about the adaptations of plants and animals in a tropical climate. They saw armadillos, sloths, poison dart frogs, spiders, snakes and goeldi monkeys. The children had a super time and were complimented on their excellent behaviour. 

It was good education wise.  My favourite animal was the armadillo called Harry.

 Zach - Year 5




Assemblies and concerts

Class R assembly

Today (Thursday 12th March) class R delivered a fantastic assembly based on Goldilocks and the three bears with some other fairytale characters also involved.  The children were fantastic and we were all so impressed.  They knew all their lines and their acting was super.  Well done Mrs Colwell and class R.



Class 6 assembly

On Thursday 6th February Class 6 performed an array of fantastic songs they sang at this year's Young Voice concert in Birmingham NEC. The children sang beautifully and seemed to really enjoy themselves.  They got us all tapping our feet and singing along.  It was brilliant.  Well done Class 6, Mrs Gething and Mrs Chesworth.

Christmas Carol Concert

The children of Class 6 were responsible for leading our Carol Service in St Michael’s Church on Thursday 19th December. They told us the story behind Christmas and narrated throughout.

The Carol Service also included songs from the Reception and Class 2 Christmas plays, with a funny poem and song from Class 4..

Mrs Ashmead and Mrs Prowse taught the children many different Christmas Carols and songs that were inserted between the readings to make our Carol Service special. The choir sang beautifully and despite the weather it was a lovely afternoon in the church. Great job everyone.

Class 2 - A Midwife Crisis

Class 2 took a modern take on the nativity story in the form of 'A Midwife Crisis!' The midwife is rushing to get to Bethlehem with her trusty donkey to assist with the birth of God's son, but she has difficulty finding him.  They meet lots of people on their journey who they ask for help.  

There was lots of humour as well as the traditional tale of Christmas.  The children were superb.  Their singing, dancing and acting was wonderful to watch and the children all worked really hard.  Great job class 2.

Year R and 6 - Miracle in Town

Year  R and 6 joined forces to perform their fantastic nativity called 'Miracle in town.' The acting and narrators were super and the singing was amazing.  They all did a brilliant job learning all their lines and the songs.  They all did a fantastic job and it was wonderful to watch.

Achievement Assemblies

Every Friday we have a celebration assembly where we celebrate children’s achievements, both in and out of school, in many different areas.

Each week the class teacher selects a child to be presented with the ‘Superstar Writer,’ 'Handwriting,' 'Star of the week' and 'Maths Magician' award.





We also have awards from the lunch time staff, attendance awards, best line awards, best dressed, value award, Lexia reading awards and individual star chart achievements as well as celebrating sporting events.This is also an opportunity to celebrate childrens’ birthdays’ as a school. At the end of year leavers' celebration assembly, special trophies and awards are given to our year 6 pupils.






It’s really exciting hearing about the good things people have done. 

– Ava H, Year 6


Eco council

Eco-Schools develops pupils' skills, raises environmental awareness, improves the school environment and creates financial savings for schools as well as whole host of other benefits.


Ewyas Harold Primary School’s ‘Litter Printmaking’ Project

This collaborative piece of Artwork has been made using litter collected from rural Herefordshire. Children of Ewyas Harold Primary School learnt the process of ‘collagraph printmaking’ with Megan Evans, using items of litter to create the colours and textures that have formed a giant world map, now exhibited in the school hall.

The materials used were collected from the local countryside and roadsides by Megan. The litter was washed and dried before use, then the children applied ink to the surface of the items using sponges and fingertips. The excess ink was rubbed away using tissue paper, and the children then washed their hands before preparing their paper. The children learnt to soak, towel and blot their paper, then place it onto the print press. They placed their inky items of litter onto the paper then layered newsprint, felt and vinyl on top. They then sent their litter through the hand operated roller press by turning the handle. Finally, they could pull back the layers to reveal their textured coloured print. Day 1 of workshops on Monday 21st October saw eleven groups of children all working in blues, purple, turquoises and greens to make up the sea. Day 2 of workshops on Tuesday 22nd October saw 9 groups of children all working in browns, oranges, greens and yellows to make up the land.

Under the pressure of the press, the children were able to send through a variety of materials they had collected from rural Herefordshire, including wrappers, juice cartons, plastic bottles and yoghurt pots. Whilst printing, the children also talked about what they thought of litter: How do we feel about it? Why it is dropped? What we can do about it?

Over the course of 2 days, Ewyas Harold Primary School students produced over 150 litter collgaraph prints, which Megan then arranged into one big world map. The final piece is 4ft x 8ft, mounted on a 3mm ply and displayed in the centre of the school, complete with names of all the children who helped create it.

This project removed around 500 items of Litter form the natural environment, engaging students from every year group in the process and giving them a new experience of printmaking. At the end of the project the items of litter were disposed of and recycled where possible, helping to reduce the volumes of synthetic and manmade materials around around rural Herefordshire.


Bra Bull

As part of my role as eco-coordinator I set up the school as a recycling collection point, with a fantastic response from members of the public. As you already know we collect glasses and cases, tin foil and cans, crisp packets, batteries and dvd’s, books and cd’s and we have now added a pink bin, in aid of Breast Cancer Haven. We have had a fantastic response from parents and gave Andrew Wood lots of bras on Friday 15th November when ‘Jimmy’ which is the Herefordshire Community Environment Groups Bra Bull came to visit.


Our half termly meeting are recorded and found on our Eco board which is located next to Mrs Mailes' office.


Since October we have

- banned the straws

-completed an environmental school audit

-compiled an action plan

-replaced individual milk cartons with reusable cups

-recycled crisp packets

-recycled batteries

-assembly on reducing electricity with our "Power Ranger"

-each class is growing potatoes

-village litter pick



On Tuesday 14th May the Eco council went to St Martins to meet with Andrew Wood from the Hereford Community Clean Up Group. We are working with him on setting up our school as a recycling centre.  Gavin Pettigrew from the Wye Valley Group has sponsored our school by buying us 4 bins for us to use to be a collection point.

As a school we have decided to recycle the following to raise money for different charities.


Drinks cans and foil go to Widemarsh Ventures for teach new skills to vulnerable adults, the cans are separated steel from aluminium, weighed in by Wye Valley Metals


Books, DVDS AND CDS are shared between RSPCA in Broad St, Chapters Charity Book Shop in Union St and Kingstone Village Hall who are raising funds for an extension to the hall.


Crisp Packets are collected and sent to Terracycle for recycling proceeds from this go to Born Sleeping Appeal at the Hereford County Hospital


Glasses and spectacles are collected for Hereford Lions Club who pass on to 3rd world countries where they don't have eye tests and given to people with eyesight problems


Hope you will support us in our new venture.


Mrs Colwell