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Class 5 - Year 4 & 5


Teacher – Mrs Jones, Mrs Jenkins (Tuesday pm PPA).

Teaching Assistant – Mrs Chesworth - Mon to Thur, Mrs Wilson - Fri

Welcome back everyone, I hope that you all had a lovely Easter and are all ready for an exciting Summer Term. Miss Wolfe Murray stays with us this term to continue her Teaching Practice.

Our Reading for Meaning text this term is Cliffhanger, written by Jacqueline Wilson.  This is an exciting adventure story about a young lad called Tim, who (to his horror) gets sent away to Summer Camp. We share his trials and tribulations as the week develops. As part of our English curriculum we will also continue to study Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar to extend the children's key written skills.


Our Maths focus this term will be Problem Solving, where the children will be looking at single and multi-step problems. We will continue to develop our Number Skills in all four areas whilst extending our times tables knowledge..

In Science this term the children will be learning about Life and Living Processes with Mrs Jenkins. The first half will concentrate on Plants, before moving onto Animals and Humans after half term. Our History Topic this term is The Ancient Greeks, and we will focus on Improving our Environment in Geography.

 PSHE concentrates on Changes, learning about how are lives change as we develop and grow older. During our  Computing sessions we will continue using the IPads which have been a fantastic addition to the school. We will also be learning how to create and use Powerpoints. Christianity remains our focus in RE. Our artwork and DT work this term will focus on Greek sculpture, particularly looking at vase design and production.

Music focuses on singing and percussion and the children will continue to learn Spanish, again, with Mrs Jenkins.

Our PE sessions will be on Monday and Thursday this half term, with football on a Monday for the first three weeks, followed by Athletics and Cricket in subsequent weeks. On a Thursday the children will continue with their cardiovascular activity, to include high intensity training. Please make sure that your child has their PE kit in school and please remember that all children with long hair will need to bring a hair band (please make sure that earrings are removed).

Children will be given spellings every Friday to be tested on the following Friday.  These spellings will focus on the spelling pattern for the week. Your child will be sent home with the half term's spellings inside their English homework books. Please continue supporting your child with their spellings and times tables, your support is very much appreciated.

Many thanks for your support with reading both in school and out, we are very privileged to have you. Of course, if you can spare an hour to come in and read with the children we would be delighted! 

If you have any concerns or questions I am always available before or after school if you wish to discuss anything.

Looking forward to a wonderful term.

Mrs Jones and Miss Wolfe Murray


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